The Cat Cafe Raises $309 For the Rescue House in November

November was a busy month for us at The Cat Cafe. We had a few large conventions come in, which makes things busy. In addition, we had the Thanksgiving holiday.

That allowed us to raise $309 for The Rescue House from our customers. We want to thank them for their generosity. These contributions go to help The Rescue House cover expenses like food, vet fees, and other supplies. Because we have generous customers at The Cat Cafe, they’re able to help more cats.

We also sent one cat home in November. Some people might be concerned that we’re seeing a lower number of cat adoptions. We’re not. Remember, we have a number of bonded pairs available for adoptions. That means we need an adopter who is willing to take in two cats.

We also have a number of black cats, and some special needs cats living with us at The Cat Cafe. Sadly, because of outdated superstitions, black colored cats take longer to get adopted. And it’s even more difficult with special needs cats.

That’s okay, though. We’ll make sure these cats enjoy their time at The Cat Cafe for as long as it takes. We want to make sure they find the right now, not just any home.

Sunny Goes Home
Sunny Goes Home

It took a while for our November adoption, Sunny, to find the right home. He was playful and friendly, but his obsession with people food made it difficult to find a home for him. Finally, the right person came by and decided to work with Sunny’s food issue. We’re glad it finally happened, but we do miss him.

And we’ll be very happy when the cats we have in right now at The Cat Cafe get adopted. But until then, we’ll enjoy their company and you can, too!

The Cat Cafe Raises $380 For The Rescue House in October

One of the things we enjoy the most is seeing the generosity of our customers as they donate additional funds to help The Rescue House continue their mission of helping cats find homes. In October, visitors donated $380 to The Rescue House. When you add that to the $344 they contributed in September, that’s nearly $750 in two months.

If you’re wondering how this helps, one of the things your contributions help fund is the feeding of the cats at The Cat Cafe. The Rescue House only feeds its cats high quality food. At The Cat Cafe, we go through eight cans of wet food and two pounds of dry food every day. So your contributions literally go to feeding the kitties.

We also sent one cat home in October, Sierra. Like many of our cats who get adopted, her adopter wasn’t planning on taking a cat home. But Sierra had different plans, and when she chose her adopter, he felt like he had no choice.

As cats go home, we bring new cats in. We’d like to introduce you to the two newest members of the clowder. They’re a brother and sister who came from a litter of kittens named after beans. Meet Pinto and Rocket. They’re both going on a year.

Meet Pinto at The Cat Cafe

Pinto is smaller than her brother. When the cats initially arrived, we thought they were both boys and we wondered why Pinto was so much smaller. Once we learned Pinto is a girl, it all made sense. Her small size means that she can be a little feisty with other cats. She’s not aggressive about it. Pinto just lets them know not to mess with her. But she’s very friendly with people, and right after she hisses at another cat to tell them to back off, she’ll accept pets and start to purr.

Meet Rocket at The Cat Cafe

Rocket is aptly named. You’ll see him rocketing around the playpen when he’s playing. And when he sees a toy he likes, he will launch himself at it like a rocket. But don’t worry, when he’s not chasing things around, he’s happy to sit by you and accept pets. He even likes hopping into laps and purring.

Come on by and meet the new arrivals to The Cat Cafe and say hi to some of your favorites who have been around a while. We look forward to seeing you!

Six New Cats Join The Cat Cafe Clowder

We’ve had a lot of adoptions recently, which means we’ve had a lot of new cats join the clowder at The Cat Cafe. We’d like to introduce you to them.

The first two cats we’ll introduce you to were adopted from The Rescue House. Things didn’t work out, and they went back. Soon, they joined us at The Cat Cafe.

Hockey fans will recognize the name of these two brothers, Daniel and Hennrick. They’re seven years old, and like the Sedin twins, they have to go to play in the same home. No, you don’t have to take them to Vancouver, but they do need to go to the same home.

Meet Daniel at The Cat Cafe

Daniel is the long haired one. Generally, long haired cats shed a lot. Not Daniel. When he arrived at The Cat Cafe, we figured we’d have to brush him a lot. But when we did, we got absolutely no fur. We get more fur off our short haired cats!

Meet Hennrick at The Cat Cafe

Hennrick looks more like a cow cat than his brother, and he’s a short haired cat. He’s also a little more playful and active than his brother. And he also doesn’t shed much.

Meet Celia at The Cat Cafe

Celia has dealt with a lot in her first year. She gave birth to a litter of kittens, and it was a challenge raising them while living outside. Fortunately for her, The Rescue House took her in, and helped her. She raised her kittens and watched them go home. Now, Celia’s hoping to find a home of her own.

Meet Sierra at The Cat Cafe

Sierra is also about a year old, and she raised a litter of kittens as well. She’s a more reserved and calm cat, but she absolutely loves interacting with people. It shouldn’t surprise anyone to that this calico has a feisty personality. The other cats in the clowder at The Cat Cafe have learned to give her space.

The last two cats to join The Cat Cafe clowder are J. Lo and Kanye. These one year old siblings are bonded and they must go home together. Like Daniel and Hennrick, they were adopted but things didn’t work out. After being returned to The Rescue House, they joined us at The Cat Cafe.

Meet J Lo at The Cat Cafe
J. Lo

J. Lo is a little more shy than her brother, but she’s very sweet. Despite her nervousness when she arrived, she purred when we pet her. Hopefully, she’ll show her true personality soon because she’s exploring the playpen cautiously.

Meet Kanye at The Cat Cafe

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Kanye likes to talk. A lot. He didn’t waste any time starting to talk to us and customers at The Cat Cafe. He’ll play with wand toys and he does get the purr motor going when he’s in the mood.

As you can tell, we’ve got a lot of cats for you to meet. We hope to introduce you to the latest members of the clowder at The Cat Cafe soon.

Two New Cats Join The Clowder

With a number of cats getting adopted at The Cat Cafe recently, we’ve had two new cats join us as well as having a couple of cats we’ve had in before return. We’ll introduce you to them.

Meet Elsie at The Cat Cafe

Etsie is a young cat, about six months old. She’s very playful and inquisitive. And if she wants your attention, she’s not shy about letting you know it. You may think she looks a lot like one of the cats we’ve had in before, Elsie. That’s because she’s Elsie’s daughter.

Meet Jack at The Cat Cafe

The second new cat to join us at The Cat Cafe is Jack. This orange and white boy is also a young one, at about eight months. He and Etsie are foster siblings, so if you’re looking for two cats, why not take them home together?

Both Etsie and Jack are pretty much fearless. The two of them were investigating the playpen at The Cat Cafe within minutes of arriving. And it wasn’t because the place was empty. They arrived during one of our Cats on Mats session, and we were fully booked.

We also had two cats return to us. You’ll remember that The Rescue House helped when there was a horrible hoarding situation last year. The people in the home started with two cats, and when those cats had kittens, they were able to give many of them away. But they couldn’t find homes for all of the cats.  They didn’t spay and neuter many of the cats, which caused the population of cats to reach over 100.

Sadly, whether it was because of inbreeding or not being able to get the nutrition they needed, many of the cats were blind. We had four sisters come and join us. Ricochet, who was the group’s seeing eye cat, and Nikki found a home. Lotus and Vicki did as well but their adoption didn’t work out.

Lotus and Vicki at The Cat Cafe
Lotus and Vicki

That’s why Lotus and Vicki are back. They’re older now, and Vicki needs to lose a little weight. But they’re still the same sweet and playful cats as they were when we first had them. And they don’t let being blind slow them down. As we tell visitors to The Cat Cafe, they can’t miss what they never had.

We hope you’ll visit us at The Cat Cafe so you can say hi to these cats in person.

Meet Some Special Needs Cats

Those of you who have been following us know that we’ve placed a number of special needs cats from The Rescue House and San Diego Humane Society. The Cat Cafe has sent several blind cats, deaf cats, one eyed cats, and a three legged cat to good homes. And right now, we’ve got in a bonded pair of blind cats.

But there are some special needs cats that The Rescue House doesn’t bring to The Cat Cafe. These are their cats with FIV. As you may know, FIV is the feline equivalent of HIV. However, unlike with HIV, there is no treatment for FIV. Eventually, the cat’s immune system will become unable to fend off the typical infections an uninfected cat can.

But before this happens, FIV positive cats can live long and healthy lives. And while The Rescue House and many other animal welfare organizations keep FIV positive cats segregated from cats without the disease out of an abundance of caution, it’s unlikely that the disease will spread between cats in a home environment. Just ask, for example, Cole and Marmalade. Or researchers from Purdue University, who found no transmission of FIV from cats with the disease to those without it in a shelter environment.

We wanted to highlight some of the FIV positive cats The Rescue House is caring for, in the hopes that they might get adopted. You won’t find them at The Cat Cafe, but we’re happy to help you learn more about them.

Derby is an FIV+ Cat

Derby is a four year old orange and white long haired cat who defies a lot of the stereotypes about them. People think orange cats are friendly and outgoing, which Derby is. But he’s got a feisty side to him, and if you get him riled up, he’ll give you a nip. He’s also got a raspy meow that he’ll use to tell you everything he’s thinking.

Walter is an FIV+ Cat

If you’re thinking about taking home two FIV positive cats, consider pairing Derby with Walter. This three year old black cat is solid and muscular. But he still loves to try being a lap cat. He’ll surprise you, though, when the talks. Walter, like many of the big cats at The Cat Cafe, has a tiny little meow.

Sabine is an FIV Positive Cat

Finally, there’s Sabine. She’s been through a lot in her three years. She was carrying an undelivered kitten, and this caused health issues that required extensive medical care. Despite all this, Sabine remained a friendly cat. She’s independent after her time on the streets, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t love affection!

If you’d like to meet any of these special needs cats, please let us know. We’ll be happy to facilitate the interaction. Hopefully, even though these cats won’t be at The Cat Cafe, we’ll play a part in sending them to good homes.

The Cat Cafe Sends Five Cats Home in August 2018

August isn’t as busy as July is at The Cat Cafe, because we don’t have an event that brings 135,000 of our best friends into downtown San Diego. Still, the summer vacation season is in high gear and we see lots of visitors. We’re glad that we were able to help so many people visiting San Diego get a little purr therapy while they were away from their cats.

Lily was Adopted at The Cat Cafe

And we’re glad that we were able to send five cats from The Rescue House to good homes. We’ll miss Lily, Gwendolyn, Gunner, Angela, and Elsie. But we’re sure they’re enjoying their lives in their new homes.

We are also happy that our customers were generous and contributed $378 to The Rescue House. These contributions will help The Rescue House pay vet bills and feed the many cats they take care of.

Of course, when we send cats home, The Rescue House brings cats in to take their spot. We’ll introduce you to those cats soon.

We want to thank everyone who visited The Cat Cafe in August. Whether you adopted a cat, contributed your change to The Rescue House, or simply enjoyed time with the cats, it all helps. We can’t send cats home without you.

We look forward to seeing you here at The Cat Cafe soon!

The Cat Cafe Sends Four Cats Home in July

July is always a busy month for us at The Cat Cafe. The summer vacation season is underway, so we get a lot of people visiting from out of town. And then there is Comic-Con, where 135,000 of our best friends visit. We have to suspend adoptions during the Comic-Con craziness because it’s just not fair to the cats or their adopters.

That’s why we were happy to have sent four cats home in July. We’ll miss spending time with Frankie and Levi and our blind cat Nikki and her seeing eye sister Ricochet. But we’re glad we sent them to a good home.

In addition, we’re happy to have generous customers who helped raise $663 for The Rescue House. This money will go towards helping The Rescue House continue its mission of helping cats in need find good homes.

When cats leave The Cat Cafe, The Rescue House works hard to bring in new ones. We’ll introduce you to the cats who arrived recently at The Cat Cafe.

We’ve got two pairs of bonded siblings with us at The Cat Cafe. The bonded sisters are named Janelle and Robyn. These two one year old tuxedo cats have been through a lot in a short life. They both got pregnant, and they helped each other raise their litters.

Meet Robyn at The Cat Cafe

After they did this, The Rescue House helped find homes for their kittens. And then when they were ready, these two sisters came to The Cat Cafe.

Meet Janelle at The Cat Cafe

The other bonded pair of siblings we have in are A.J. and Brian. These one year old ginger boys thought they had a forever home. But then their adopters had to move. After trying to make it work, these people had to give up these two boys.

Meet Brian and A.J. at The Cat Cafe
Brian (left) and A.J.

At first, Brian was the more outgoing and social of the two brothers. He was the first in the playpen and the first to introduce himself to visitors to The Cat Cafe. And he’s kept his friendly attitude with customers.

A.J. took a little longer to come out and spend time in the playpen, but now he demands attention from visitors to The Cat Cafe.

Both of these boys are very fun, too, and love to play with wand toys. We wish they got to stay with their adopters, but since they couldn’t, we’re glad we got them.

The last member of The Cat Cafe clowder we’ll introduce you to is Livvy. She hasn’t yet spent much time in the playpen when we’re open, but she’s starting to explore it after hours. Livvy was living in a place where people don’t bother to spay or neuter the cats there, and so they reproduce constantly. A kind person saves as many of the cats as they can. And one year old Livvy got lucky.

Meet Livvy at The Cat Cafe

We hope you enjoyed meeting the latest members of The Cat Cafe’s clowder. Come on in to visit them soon!

The Cat Cafe Sends Six Cats Home in June

June was a busy month for adoptions at The Cat Cafe. We sent six cats, including two bonded pairs, home during the month. First, we sent long term residents Jayden and Justine home. Next up was another bonded pair, Onyx and Rhonda. After that, we sent a relatively shy cat home, Twyla. And we closed out the month by sending a special needs cat home. Blanco managed to find someone who decided his loud voice due to his deafness wasn’t a problem and went home with them.

In addition to sending these cats home, visitors to The Cat Cafe contributed $488 to The Rescue House. These generous contributions help The Rescue House continue to help save adoptable cats.

With so many cats going out, naturally, a lot of cats came in. And we’ve got a few bonded pairs to replace the two that went home. First, there’s the mother and son pair of Alexis and Anthony. Alexis is two and her son is a year old. Anthony is the more outgoing of the two and is a little bit of a goof.

Meet Anthony at The Cat Cafe

Alexis is a little more reserved than her son, and she’s got a leaky tear duct in one of her eyes. Don’t worry, she’s very happy to let you wipe away the dried tears and massage to make it feel better.

Meet Alexis at The Cat Cafe

We’ve got another mother and son pair with us at The Cat Cafe, Gwendolyn and Gunner. Gwendolyn is a young mom, at only about a year and a half old. She’s a little more reserved than her son, but very friendly. And Gunner, at about eight months, can be a hyper little guy. But he’s a lot of fun to watch when he gets going!

Meet Gwendolyn and Gunner at The Cat Cafe
Gwendolyn (left) and Gunner (right)

Zoro started out his life on the wrong foot. He was found as a stray, and then taken to a high kill shelter. Fortunately for him, that is when things started to change. The Rescue House pulled him and his now adopted brother from that shelter. Soon, Zoro made his way to The Cat Cafe.

Meet Zoro at The Cat Cafe

In addition to the two mothers we told you about already, we’ve got three other cats who raised kittens. The oldest one of them is Lily. Before she arrived at The Cat Cafe, she raised a litter of kittens by a school in Tijuana. The Rescue House found homes for all of her kittens, and now this sweet white cat is looking for a home of her own.

Meet Lily at The Cat Cafe

Rosette faced a lot of challenges in her short life. She’s only about seven months old, and she was found trying to raise a litter of five kittens while fending for herself. Fortunately, kind people took her in. Now that her kittens have been adopted, it’s her turn. But she looks like a kitten herself as you can see from this picture.

Meet Rosette at The Cat Cafe

The last mother we’ll introduce you to is Elsie. She’s only recently finished nursing her kittens, and she’s still got a little fur missing because of it. But Elsie isn’t waiting for the fur to grow back before she starts getting people’s attention. She likes to sample people’s food and drink. So make sure you watch yours around her!

Meet Elsie at The Cat Cafe

When people see Emelia, they wonder if she’s related to one of our other cats. She’s not, but they do look a lot alike. This brown tabby doesn’t like to get pet below her shoulders, so watch to be sure you don’t get a warning swat from her.

Meet Emelia at The Cat Cafe

And the most recent arrival at The Cat Cafe is Sunny. This guy is a brave boy, because he started coming out and hanging out with us in the playpen during the peak days of Comic-Con. He’s still settling in, but he’s extremely friendly.

Meet Sunny at The Cat Cafe

Come in and say hello to the new cats to arrive at The Cat Cafe! We look forward to seeing you.

Changes to Comic-Con Special for 2018

As you know, during Comic-Con, because of the crowds associated with the event, we change our procedures. We go to a reservations only system, because The Cat Cafe simply can’t handle the additional 135,000 people Comic-Con brings with our normal admissions system.

For those of you wanting to adopt a cat from The Cat Cafe, we suspend adoptions during Comic-Con. As Karla Peterson of the Union-Tribune put it, even Iron Man wouldn’t want to walk through the Comic-Con crowds with a cat carrier!

The Cat Cafe Comic-Con Logo

But this year, we’re going to be making some changes because of feedback we’ve received from customers. We’ve heard from our Comic-Con visitors that they don’t get to spend enough time with the cats. And we’ve also heard that they feel like the room gets too crowded and that the cats aren’t in the mood to interact.

To alleviate this, we’re going to limit the number of people who can be in the room with the cats to 12. We’re also going to extend the amount of time people get with the cats to 45 minutes.

In order to do this, we’ll need to increase the price of admission. We’ll be increasing the price to $20. We feel this still represents an economical way to get away from the Comic-Con crowds. You’ll get to enjoy the purr therapy The Cat Cafe clowder can provide for a little longer as well.

We’ll continue to offer a food or drink item with your admission. You’ll now have 50 percent more time to enjoy them with our cats. And don’t worry. If you want to grab something on the way out to take back to the Convention Center, you can!

We’re also going to work with our partners, The Cravory and Sunshine & Orange, to make sure that you’ve got plenty of food options to take with you. We have no doubt that they’ll be better than the options you have available to you at the show. And we also are confident that we’ll be able to serve you quicker.

Last year, most of our sessions sold out. By the second day of Comic-Con, we only had scattered spots left. We recommend that you book now to avoid missing out.

We here at The Cat Cafe appreciate your understanding as we work through the Comic-Con event. Come visit us during the show. See why some people say The Cat Cafe is one of the highlights of their Comic-Con experience!

The Cat Cafe Raises $420 for The Rescue House in May

In May, customers visiting The Cat Cafe contributed $420 to help The Rescue House continue to help cats find homes. Established in 1999, The Rescue House has sent over 13,000 cats to new homes. We’re proud to be a part of that.

In May, we sent five cats to good homes. Cornflake, Bellamy, Fred, George, and Maggie all went home. We’re going to miss all of these cats for different reasons.

We’ll miss Cornflake’s feisty nature and his willingness to give us a nip when he had enough. Bellamy entertained us by scaling the poles and working her way to the top of the Urban Feline Palm. And we won’t forget the antics of our blind boys, and the complete lack of fear Fred showed. However, we think that Frankie is glad that Fred isn’t around anymore because he won’t have to worry about Fred sitting on him. And how can we forget how Maggie evolved from a shy cat to an interactive and playful one?

But when we send cats home from The Cat Cafe, it gives us the chance to bring new ones in. We’ve welcomed back Nikki and Richochet, who came from a bad hoarding situation that started with just two cats. Just like Fred and George, Nikki shows that being blind won’t slow her down.

We also welcomed in two cats who came very close to losing their lives, Onyx and Rhonda. These two cats were close to being put down for space at a high kill shelter. Fortunately, a private rescuer was able to pull them before that happened. Then these two made their way to The Rescue House, and to The Cat Cafe.

Meet Onyx at The Cat Cafe

Onyx is a gray tabby. She’s a little more shy than her sister, and you may find that she’s hanging out in the retreat when you visit her. But if she’s out in the playpen, she love interacting with people. And she loves to get that purr motor going.

Meet Rhonda at The Cat Cafe

Rhonda is the more social of the one year old girls. You’ll probably find her spending her time popping her head out of the green house that many of our cats like. She’ll roll over for you when she does this.

Come on by to say hello to the newest members of The Cat Cafe clowder and greet some old favorites.