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The Cat Cafe Sends 14 Cats Home in November 2020

It hasn’t been a good year for business at The Cat Cafe. Losing three months due to the initial stay at home order and nine months worth of conventions, including Comic-Con, makes that impossible. However, it has been a good year for adopting out cats from The Rescue House. In November, 14 cats found homes….

The Cat Cafe Sends Ten Cats Home in October 2020

October brings shorter days and falling temperatures as well as Halloween. Even with a pandemic, that doesn’t change. And it’s fitting that in the month with Halloween, three of the ten cats we sent to good homes were black cats. We will miss Reptar, Timothy, Ollie, Lilo, Dandy Lion, Calliope, Tefiti, Solecito, Simone and Scott….

The Cat Cafe Sends Six Cats Home in September 2020

Normally in September, we start to wind things down after the busy summer season. However, we’re still dealing with Covid, which meant we actually continued to get busier. It’s a strange world we live in these days. Still, we sent six cats to good homes in September. We enjoyed spending time with Avery, Abigail, Ross,…

The Cat Cafe Sends 13 Cats Home in August 2020

In August, we had to adapt our operations to comply with the latest public health order modifications from the County of San Diego. We’re glad our visitors accepted those modifications and continued to adopt cats. We sent 13 cats from The Rescue House home in August. We’ll miss seeing Raffy, Billy, Desi, Mika, Patty Smith,…

The Cat Cafe Sends Nine Cats Home in July 2020

Pre-pandemic, July would be a relatively slow month for adoptions at The Cat Café. With us losing essentially one week to do adoptions due to Comic-Con, while the number of visitors jumps, the number of adoptions usually declines. That didn’t happen this year. Because that week was available for adoptions, we sent nine cats to…

The Cat Cafe Will Reopen on Monday, May 25

As you know, because of COVID-19, The Cat Cafe has been closed since March 17, 2020. It’s been a long two months without visitors even with us being able to continue to work with The Rescue House to send cats home. We’ve done more than a dozen adoptions since we closed and that’s something we’re…

The Cat Cafe Sends Six Cats Home in April 2020

We don’t have to tell you that April was a difficult month for us at The Cat Cafe. When we opened our business, we planned for many things. One thing we didn’t anticipate was having to close for more than a month because of a public health order in place to fight a dangerous disease….

The Cat Cafe Sends 17 Cats Home in February and March 2020

It’s been a challenging few weeks for us here at The Cat Cafe. We planned for a lot of things when we opened back in January 2015. But we never planned on having to shut down for several weeks due to a virus. Despite this, we still have adoptions to celebrate. And since we didn’t…