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A Comic-Con Adoption at The Cat Cafe

For the duration of Comic-Con, we do things differently at The Cat Cafe. We allow access in 30 minute increments at specific times. We use a reservations system for time with the cats. And we also don’t do adoptions during the show.

As Karla Peterson of the San Diego Union Tribune wrote in her column about our first year, “even Iron Man wouldn’t walk through Comic-Con with a cat carrier.” That meant anyone who wanted to do an adoption needed to wait until after the show.

Berlioz’s potential adopter understood why this was necessary. Looking outside The Cat Cafe and seeing the crowds made it clear. So did the crowd that was in the playpen, even with a reservations system in place. Both the adopter and us wanted to complete the adoption, but we knew it would have to wait. Berlioz’s potential adopter was also working during the event. This meant that even if they could get the hotel to agree to allowing him to stay, getting supplies would be difficult.

That’s why we agreed to do the adoption on Sunday after Comic-Con ended. Berlioz could then go home with far less foot traffic outside The Cat Cafe to contend with. Doing this prevented Berlioz’s adopter from having to worry about supplies and lodging as well.


On Sunday after the show concluded, Berlioz’s adopter arrived right on time. They were so excited to adopt him that they didn’t mind arriving as we were cleaning around The Cat Cafe. We finished the paperwork quickly, and then we prepared Berlioz for the trip to his new home in the Los Angeles area.

Berlioz didn’t mind getting into the carrier, and he didn’t make a peep as his adopter took him to their car. And he’s settled in just fine.

Berlioz Settling In

Berlioz Settling In

We’re so happy we were able to complete this Comic-Con adoption! All of our adoptions are fun, but this one is extra special.

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