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A Long Drive Makes for a Happy Adoption

We’re always happy when one of our cats gets adopted and goes to a good home. We know that taking them home makes their adopters happy, and it’s a big part of what we are looking to do here at The Cat Cafe. Sometimes, though, there’s an adoption where the person taking the cat really goes the extra mile — in this case, literally.

Jojo is definitely a friendly and fun guy. And so it’s not a surprise at all that someone who met him wanted to take him home. What made this adoption different is that the person who wanted to give Jojo a home was in Los Angeles and couldn’t make it to San Diego for a week.

Jojo Was Adopted From The Cat Cafe


We don’t put cats on hold here at The Cat Cafe, so we asked her to call on Friday and schedule an adoption appointment for Saturday. That way, if Jojo was still here, she’d be able to take him home.

Friday rolled around, and Jojo still hadn’t been adopted. We were very happy to schedule the adoption appointment for after we closed on Saturday.

We didn’t realize this, but the person adopting Jojo actually lives in Los Angeles. She came to visit The Cat Cafe when she was visiting San Diego for the weekend. The last thing she expected to do was to make a trip to San Diego the next week to adopt a cat.

Jojo and His Adopter Right Before He Headed Home

Jojo and His Adopter Right Before He Headed Home

But Jojo had other ideas. His friendly personality shone through even a brief visit and that is all it took to get someone to fight Southern California traffic to adopt him. Jojo is such a kind cat that he didn’t fuss at all when he went into his carrier for the trip to his new home.

We’re really happy that The Cat Cafe can be a part of happy adoption stories like this one. So far, we’ve sent 30 cats home and we’re hoping that even more find good homes.

Maybe you’ll join the list of adopters from The Cat Cafe?

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