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A Pair of Kittens Joins The Cat Cafe

We generally don’t get kittens at The Cat Cafe. But since we’ve done well with bonded pairs, San Diego Humane Society decided that they would bring a couple of bonded kittens in to join our group. They will join another new arrival to bring us up to an even dozen cats.

We can tell that the people who named these two kittens are baseball fans, but we just aren’t sure about their choices in team names. One of the kittens is named Dodger, and the other one is named Mariner. Really? We realize that the Padres haven’t made the playoffs in a decade, but those two teams, who are either the closest division opponent or MLB’s “protected rival?” And what happened to Angel, Giant, and Athletic?

Regardless of their names, these two kittens are adorable. But they are shy, and that is why they are at The Cat Cafe. We’ve had a number of shy cats become customer favorites and get adopted, and we’re hoping that Dodger and Mariner can join the other shy cats who went to good homes.

Meet Dodger At The Cat Cafe


Dodger is a black and white cat, who gets along well with other cats, especially his brother. He seems to be the more inquisitive of the two, wandering around and soliciting pets only a few minutes after arriving.

Meet Mariner at The Cat Cafe


Mariner is all black, and he’s a little more cautious. He seems to take his cues from his brother, and watches him very closely to see what to do.

Both of these kittens are going on five months old, and they have been without a home for close to three months. This is a long time for a kitten, and they really deserve a home. It will have to be one that’s calm and quiet, with no dogs and only calm and gentle children. They are a bonded pair, and even though the teams they were named after are in different leagues, they will not be broken up for any reason.

Meet Honey Bear at The Cat Cafe

Honey Bear

These two kittens are joined by Honey Bear. She’s a three year old brown tabby who’s on the petite side at eight pounds. Honey Bear made her way to San Diego Humane Society after being part of a home since she was eight weeks old because there just wasn’t enough time to properly care for her. Since arriving here, Honey Bear has started to explore the cat retreat, and it’s likely she’ll be out in the playpen soon.

Come visit The Cat Cafe to meet these three new arrivals and the other nine adoptable cats we have here!

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