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A Pair of Sibling Adoptions

Yesterday, we started out with eight cats at The Cat Cafe. By the time we went home, we were down to four cats. That’s because we had two sibling pairs go home. Michelle and Miguel, a couple of black and white cats who were saved when a kind person saw the two of them wandering around without their mother as kittens went to their new home. So did a cute calico pair, Alice and Lucy.

Michelle and Miguel at The Cat Cafe

Michelle and Miguel at The Cat Cafe

Michelle and Miguel had people say they were going to adopt them, but then they got stood up. This happened twice. We were worried that they were going to get a complex and feel like they were being rejected, but they never showed it.

Michelle Being Adopted At The Cat Cafe

Michelle With Her New Family

One family came in over the weekend and fell in love with them. Another one of the children came in yesterday to meet our tuxedo and cow cat pair. It was love at first sight. And soon, Michelle and Miguel were on their way to their new home.

Alice and Lucy at The Cat Cafe

Alice and Lucy at The Cat Cafe

Alice and Lucy didn’t stay with us here at The Cat Cafe as long as Michelle and Miguel did. They found a new home in a about a week. We had a customer come in one day and come back the next to adopt these two calico sisters. She wanted a pair, and what better way to get a pair of kitties than to get two sisters who snuggle like this?

Lucy Being Adopted At The Cat Cafe

Lucy Being Adopted

And that is how Alice and Lucy found their way to a new home. We’re really excited about these two adoptions, which brings us up to 38 adoptions since we went to our full hours in January.

With four kitties going home, though, we’re down to only four cats in The Cat Cafe. Please be understanding if you visit and there aren’t as many cats as you’d like in the playpen. We’re working with San Diego Humane Society to bring more kitties in and look forward to introducing you to them soon.

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