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A Special Adoption and New Arrivals

When The Cat Cafe first opened, our goal was to average adopting one cat out per week. Over the course of the year, that would give us around 50 adoptions. Finding homes for 50 cats would mean that San Diego Humane Society would have space to take in 50 additional cats, which would literally save lives.

I’m very happy to say that we’re way ahead of the pace we wanted. We’ve been open with full hours since January, and The Cat Cafe has sent 50 cats home.

Abby Being Adopted At The Cat Cafe

Abby Being Adopted At The Cat Cafe

The 50th adoption was for a very sweet and fluffy girl named Abby. She was only at The Cat Cafe for a short time before she went to her forever home. Her personality and playfulness was evident right from the start, but hidden from our customers because she took some time to come out of the cat retreat. When she came out, she went home fast.

We’re really happy that we hit this milestone, and we hopeful that we blow past more of them soon!

While Abby is no longer available for adoption, there are three new cats for you to fall in love with. Maybe you’ll be the one who gets us started on our next 50 cats?

Congo is a nine month old young adult. He’s playful, friendly, and a little rambunctious. This shouldn’t surprise anyone, because he’s like a teenager. He’s a solid kitty, weighing 12 pounds, and once he gets to know you, his purr motor definitely revs up.

Moo Moo is the second tortie in our current group. She’s a little shy initially but once she gets to know you, she’s very loving. Moo Moo is around five years old and weighs ten pounds. She and her brother were surrendered because they didn’t get along with the resident dog.

Meet Tokie at The Cat Cafe


Tokie is Moo Moo’s brother, and we’re glad to have another set of siblings in The Cat Cafe. He’s a little older, at six years, and he’s a lot bigger, weighing 15 pounds. And he belongs on the website Cats Who Look Like Hitler. How long until he marches right into the Eiffel Tower cat tree?

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