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A Sunday Trio of Adoptions

Cat adoptions here at The Cat Cafe seem to come in waves. We’ll go a while without any, and then we have a bunch. That is what happened on Sunday. It was a long, but fun day for us. Going home days are the best for our kitties.

Suzy Was Adopted At The Cat Cafe


The first adoption happened early in the morning, before The Cat Cafe opened. We had a couple of sisters visit, one who lives here in San Diego and another who was visiting from Boston. The sister who lived here fell in love with Suzy. She went home, and couldn’t stop talking about Suzy. They made the decision to adopt Suzy, and wanted to do it first thing in the morning. And that’s why at 7:30 we had our first adoption of the day.

Lani Was Adopted At The Cat Cafe


Next up was Lani. The couple who came in to adopt her was originally interested in a different kitty. In what happens a lot, the kitty they came in to adopt wasn’t the right one but they found one who was. That was Lani, and after falling in love with her, the adopting couple came in the next day to take her home.

Mongo was Adopted at The Cat Cafe


The last adoption of the day took place for a kitty who just arrived. Mongo didn’t spend much time with us. He only spent two full days with us before he went to his forever home. And only one of these days was spent in the playpen. It didn’t take long for this big boy’s purrs and friendly personality to win someone’s heart. And now, Mongo is no longer only a pawn in the game of life.

All these adoptions made for a busy day at The Cat Cafe, but it’s something that we’re happy to have done. These adoptions bring the total number of adoptions done at The Cat Cafe up to 42 and that is something we’re very proud of.

We’ll have new kitties join us at The Cat Cafe soon but join us in congratulating these kitties on finding their furever homes!

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