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A Very Special Adoption and New Arrivals

It’s really crazy how the adoptions go. Remember how I said there was a full house at The Cat Cafe? That house got emptied out really quickly, because we had nine adoptions over the past week! All adoptions are wonderful moments, but there was one that was very special.

Patra was raised with her sister Cleo from the time she was a kitten. Sadly, the family who raised these two had to give them up due to financial challenges. They went to the sister of their person, and she cared for them until she had a baby. The loud noises were too much for Cleo and Patra, and she had to surrender them.

These two were friends, but they weren’t a bonded pair. That meant that Cleo and Patra could be adopted separately, and that is what happened. With Patra, she went to a home with a resident cat, who bullied her. So Patra went back to San Diego Humane Society, and then found her way to The Cat Cafe.

Initially, Patra was very shy. She hid behind the sink in the cat retreat and really didn’t come out much. But as she settled in, she started to show her personality and started to interact with both customers and staff.

One day, we received a call from the woman who originally gave Patra up to her sister. She was so ecstatic to know that Patra was available that she didn’t wait for a return call. Instead, she gathered her family and drove from Hemet to our location to adopt Patra.

Patra Reunited With Her First Family at The Cat Cafe

Patra Reunited With Her First Family at The Cat Cafe

You can see that even though Patra is not happy to be in a carrier, she remembers the people who cared for her and is glad to be reunited with them.

We received six cats from San Diego Humane Society so there are now seven cats in. Here’s a quick overview of The Magnificent Seven:

  • Dita is a petite two year old girl who weighs seven pounds. She’s shy initially, but if you give her time to get to know you, she’ll show you her sweet personality
  • Meet Lani at The Cat CafeLani is a little unusual because she’s an orange tabby. Only around one in four orange tabbies are female. This six year old girl also is a big girl, weighing 22 pounds. She’ll need to be put on a special diet by whoever adopts her.
  • Madeline is a black and white cat who is four years old and weighs 13 pounds. She’s a friendly and inquisitive girl who enjoys playing with wand toys.
  • Momo has been at The Cat Cafe the longest. He’s a six year old, 16 pound guy who’s a shy cat. But once you get to know Momo, he’s a lot of fun. If you’re looking for a cat to spend a day on the couch with you while you binge on Netflix, he’s your boy.Meet Moose at The Cat Cafe
  • Moose is a handsome Siamese mix. Not surprisingly, as a Siamese, he likes to be the boss. This seven year old guy weighs 14 pounds and he’s probably best in a home where he can be the only cat.
  • Paulina is our resident house panther. She’s the youngest member of the Magnificent Seven, at eight months. She’s very playful and friendly and loves to hop into people’s laps.
  • Truvy is a cat who’s lived a tough life. She was a shelter cat for seven years, which means that this eight pound girl is so happy to be able to run around The Cat Cafe that she greets everyone she meets with head bonks

Come on in and meet the Magnificent Seven. Maybe you’ll want to take one home.

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