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A Very Special Adoption

All of our adoptions here at The Cat Cafe are ones we really enjoy. It is always fun to see the relationship develop between customers who visit us and the cats they adopt. Often, it requires multiple visits for adopters to decide that one of the cats here is right for them.

That is what happened with our latest adoption, when long time senior residents Coco and Oreo went home.

Coco and Oreo at The Cat Cafe

Coco and Oreo at The Cat Cafe

Coco and Oreo arrived at The Cat Cafe in September of 2015. These two ten year old litter mates quickly adapted to living here, and they were always around to greet visitors. Both of them liked affection, but it had to be on their terms. Coco was not shy about letting those who wanted to interact with her if she wasn’t in the mood to leave her alone. Usually it was done vocally, but if people persisted, she wasn’t shy about giving them a swat to emphasize the point.

Oreo was more relaxed than Coco around people. If he was annoyed with someone, he would growl and walk away, but he never really swatted or hit anyone. Instead, he would rely on walking away and his vocalizations.

When it came to other cats, however, both of these two were not ones to be pushed. They had no problem letting other cats know, whether through verbal cues or actual physical ones, when they wanted to be left alone. And if one of them was engaged in an argument with another cat, the other sibling would come running to back them up.

These factors, combined with the age of the two, made it difficult for them to find a home. Many people would comment on how pretty Coco looked or how handsome Oreo was, but when they showed their feisty side, people would look at other cats to adopt.

Coco Was Adopted At The Cat Cafe


It took a while, but the right people came along. These people were specifically looking for an older bonded pair, and we suggested that they take a look at Coco and Oreo. They first visited when we were doing our educational event on FIV positive cats, and missed out on Coco and Oreo. But they came back twice when these two cats were here, and decided to adopt them.

Oreo Was Adopted at The Cat Cafe


We will miss walking in to The Cat Cafe and seeing Coco and Oreo, who were here for around half the time we have been open! But we are glad that they left us for a good home.

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