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An Orange Tabby Joins The Cat Cafe

It’s interesting how things work out here at The Cat Cafe. For a while, we had mostly orange tabbies. Then we had a lot of black cats. Then there were lots of brown tabbies.

After Elsa went to her reunion with her sister Pocahontas, we had no orange tabbies. That changed with our latest arrival.

Damien is an orange tabby with an interesting background. He was turned in to Department of Animal Services. This county department takes in a lot of strays and abandoned animals. Often, these animals are transferred to San Diego Humane Society and some of them end up with us.

Meet Damien at The Cat Cafe


Damien was transferred to San Diego Humane Society because he had a broken tooth. How or why this happened is something we don’t know. But what we do know is that Damien is a very affectionate and fun cat.

How do we know this after less than a day with him at The Cat Cafe? It’s in his medical record. When he was transferred to San Diego Humane Society, an intake exam was done. In the notes, the veterinarian taking him in noted that they were unable to listen to his heart and lungs because he was purring!

Anyone who has ever taken a cat in to a veterinarian knows that purring is a very unusual reaction to an examination. And that is how we know that Damien is a very affectionate cat! We’re very happy to have him with us at The Cat Cafe. Once he gets into the playpen, it’s likely we won’t have him for long!

In addition to Damien’s arrival, there may be additional menu items arriving for you to enjoy. We’re looking at getting wraps and sandwiches or partnering with a local restaurant so that you can join us for for a full breakfast or lunch. It’s something many visitors to The Cat Cafe have commented on and we’re working on it.

Come on in, meet Damien and the other 11 cats and enjoy a cup of coffee!

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