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The Cat Cafe Highlights FIV Positive Cats

At The Cat Cafe, we enjoy showing special needs cats to show that even though they may require a little more attention than other cats, they can be loving and fun companions. We have adopted out a blind cat, a few cats with one eye, a cat missing a tail, and a cat with hyperthyroidism. But until now, one group of cats has been missing. And those are cats with FIV.

This is because our partner, San Diego Humane Society, is very cautious when it comes to how certain cats are handled. While FIV positive cats can live with other cats in a home environment, in a shelter environment, extra precautions must be taken. With so many other animals potentially affected, it is best to take a very conservative approach to ensure the well being of all the animals.

Meet Captain Vain at The Cat Cafe

Meet Captain Vain at The Cat Cafe

Because of this, in order to highlight how FIV positive cats show no signs of being different than other cats, The Cat Cafe has some very friendly FIV positive cats in right now. They’ll be in our facility for a couple of weeks.

There are a few things customers should know about cats with FIV. The first is that FIV cannot be transmitted to humans. It is a disease that is specific to cats only. The virus is the feline equivalent of HIV, and like its human counterpart, it is difficult to catch.

Say Hello to Mr. Boo at The Cat Cafe

Say Hello to Mr. Boo at The Cat Cafe

FIV is spread between cats through deep puncture wounds, which are typically seen between unaltered males fighting for territory. In a typical household setting, with cats who have been spayed or neutered, these intense fights do not occur.

Cats with FIV may not show signs of the disease for many years. Eventually, though, just like with their human counterparts, the immune system gets compromised and routine diseases that cats with healthy immune systems can fight off become much more challenging. This does not mean, however, that FIV positive cats cannot live healthy and happy lives for a long time.

Please come visit The Cat Cafe over the next few weeks to see how friendly and fun an FIV positive cat can be.

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