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Cats Swimming With Sharks?

Maybe.  The Cat Cafe was invited to audition for the ABC show Shark Tank.  It took a lot of work to do this.  Thanks to the work of one very talented video artist, whose contact information I will share with those who are interested, we came up with this.

It looks like it was really simple, but a lot of work went into getting this right.  Of course, we had to get the cats to cooperate — always a challenge.  Bagheera, who is the larger grey bengal cat, loves to rub noses with me.  But on the day we shot the video, he decided, not today.

Jacey, the silver bengal who talks in the video, is super active and it was hard to get her to settle down.

Bagheera and JaceyThen there were the challenges with shooting at the site where The Cat Cafe will open.  We had to get around those.  Foot traffic, noise from cars and motorcycles, and just me getting my freaking lines right.

It’s about seven minutes long, but it took two hours to shoot.  And then the magic behind the video took place in the studios of the very talented video artist who was kind enough to work with us.

What do you think?  I’d love to hear your feedback!

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