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Comic-Con Special is Back at The Cat Cafe

As you know, in about a month, the streets of downtown San Diego will be filled with superheroes, zombies, stormtroopers, and others just enjoying the show for Comic-Con. During Comic-Con, we here at The Cat Cafe go to a reservation only system. We simply cannot accommodate everyone who wants to visit our cats with 130,000 additional people downtown.


As in prior years, admissions to interact with the cats at The Cat Cafe will be available for purchase. We are holding the price at the same level as last year. So, for $15, you will get a food or drink item and half an hour with the cats.

Spots will be available starting at 8:00 AM, and go for 30 minutes. We will then give the cats 15 minutes to relax without people being in the playpen, and we’ll begin the cycle again. The last spot will begin at 3:30 and end at 4:00.

Last year, most of these time slots filled up and we had to turn people away. So please make sure you avoid disappointment and book your spot early to get the one you want. For those who want to try to get in without a reservation, we cannot make any guarantees. You are welcome to show up and purchase a spot, but we can’t promise you that there will be one for you at the time you want.

Also, during Comic-Con, The Cat Cafe will suspend adoptions. Putting a cat in a carrier and taking them to a car is stressful enough. We believe that doing so with an additional 130,000 people on the streets could turn even the most mild mannered cat into a feline Hulk.

The Cat Cafe appreciates the understanding of our year round customers during Comic-Con. We simply can’t run using our normal procedures with so many additional people wanting to visit us. Once Comic-Con is over, we’ll return to our normal procedures.

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