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Community Night and New Arrivals

Werewolf is a restaurant just a few blocks away from The Cat Cafe which believes in giving back to the community. They have community nights throughout the year where they give ten percent of the receipts to a community organization. When they contacted The Cat Cafe we were very happy that they selected us for one of these events.

On Thursday, September 3, between 6:00 and 10:00 PM, ten percent of the sales generated will go to our partner San Diego Humane Society. We’re really excited about the opportunity for our customers and fans to enjoy good food and drink knowing that a portion of their tab will go to help animals.

In addition to the community night proceeds, we will also be selling cookies from The Cravory and pastries from Bread & Cie. And we’ll be raffling off merchandise from The Cat Cafe as well.

Come on out and join us — if this event is a successful one, we will do more of them in the future.

And if you can’t make the event and want to stop on in to The Cat Cafe, we’ve got a couple of new boys for you to meet. They are a bonded pair, so they must go home together. When you see them, you’ll want to take both home anyway.

Meet Hoodu at The Cat CafeHoodu is the first of these two boys. He’s a little more outgoing and sociable, and he’s a blue and white tabby. This four year old, eleven pound boy has some beautiful blue eyes and a cute pink nose. He also likes to talk to people he knows.

Meet Maru at The Cat CafeMaru is a little more shy, but he’s a very handsome and loving cat. He is also four years old like his brother, but he’s a bigger, weighing 15 pounds. Both Maru and his brother were surrendered to San Diego Humane Society because their family moved to a place where animals were not allowed.

We hope to see you at the community night event, but if not, come on in and see these two new boys who have joined us at The Cat Cafe.

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