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Cookie Goes to Her Forever Home

The weekend was a busy one for us here at The Cat Cafe, but it closed on a really good note. I’m proud of the coffee we serve as well as all of the team members, both paid and volunteer. But what makes me the happiest is when we find a good home for one of our adoptable cats.

And yesterday, we sent our youngest and most playful cat to a new home. Cookie was here for about a week, and I was surprised she lasted that long. She’s only seven months old and she loves to play and she had the entire room laughing when she was out.

The thing is that she was so rambunctious and playful that she didn’t spend too much time out in the cat playpen. She’d entertain and play with customers at The Cat Cafe for a little bit, but then she’d wear herself out and go to sleep and recover in the cat retreat.

One person saw Cookie on our website and decided that he would make a trip to The Cat Cafe to see her. After meeting her, both with and without his girlfriend, he decided that Cookie was the right cat for him. And yesterday, he took her home.

Cookie Leaves The Cat Cafe for a New Home

Cookie Leaves The Cat Cafe for a New Home

Cookie’s adoption brings the number of cats who have found a home of their own up to ten. This is way above what we expected. We would have been excited to adopt one animal a week. Ten in less than a month? If you told us that The Cat Cafe would do that, we’d have laughed and said you’re way too optimistic.

But as it turns out, that’s exactly what has happened here and we hope to be adopting out a lot more cats real soon.

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