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December 15 Update

I know a lot of you are wondering what’s going on here at The Cat Cafe with the build out and when we will open. We are very close.

We had to deal with a delay when the city inspector didn’t make it to our facility last Thursday like we wanted. That meant that we couldn’t schedule the additional inspections as we would have liked. But we are still on a very fast track to opening.

The Cat Cafe Needed Four of These Exit Signs

The Cat Cafe Needed Four of These Exit Signs

On December 16, The Cat Cafe will have its final electrical inspection. This will consist of the electrical inspector coming in to make sure that our emergency exit signs are working properly. He’ll make sure they light up, and then he’ll kill the power to them. If the lights still continue to shine — and I just checked to make sure they do — we will pass.

Assuming that goes well, I’ll schedule the pre-final inspection for the next day. I’ve corrected the issues the inspector pointed out. I’ve put up both the handicapped decal for the front door and the triangular sign that shows where the restroom door is.

It’s kind of silly that I have to do this, because I’ve got a sign that shows where the restroom is about three feet away from where the door sign is. But The Cat Cafe can’t open unless it’s ADA compliant, so we’ll do it.

If there are no problems there, or if they are minor ones that can be corrected for the final inspection, the inspector will sign off and I’ll correct anything he brings up. Once that is done, the final inspection will be scheduled for December 18.

And then after that is completed, The Cat Cafe can get an occupancy permit and finally open for business.

Beyond what is required for the City, The Cat Cafe is working hard to make things good for the kitties! It was just fine by the City to leave a crawl space open. But we weren’t going to do that with kitties that could work their way in.

The Wall in the Cats Only Room at The Cat Cafe

The Wall in the Cats Only Room at The Cat Cafe

Since only the cats and employees will be able to access this room, I’m not going to spend much time painting or making it look nice. I don’t think the cats will mind for some reason. If they do complain, I’ll make sure to pretty it up.

Thank you for your interest in The Cat Cafe. As always, if you have any questions, please call or email.

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