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Five New Arrivals at The Cat Cafe

It’s been a busy week here at The Cat Cafe. We sent another cat, Fritter, to her forever home. And then we got five cats in to bring us up to a total of 11 cats. We haven’t had as many cats in as we normally have for a while, but that’s a good thing! We’ve been low on cats because San Diego Humane Society didn’t have any that were appropriate for us.

We believe our sweet spot here at The Cat Cafe is 10-12 cats. And with the new arrivals, that’s where we are!

This weekend would be a great time to meet them, and we know a lot of you will make the trip. Don’t forget, if you want to avoid a wait during our peak hours, there are a limited number of reserved admissions available.

Meet Alexander at The Cat Cafe


Alexander is a handsome two year old black cat who’s on the big side. He’s 17.2 pounds, and while he’s got a big frame, whoever adopts him will have to help him lose a little bit of weight. But that shouldn’t be too hard, because Alexander likes to play and is very sociable. He figured out the cat door and was running around the cat playpen within an hour of arriving at The Cat Cafe.

Meet Houston at The Cat Cafe


Houston, hello! If you remember that old sports related catchphrase, congratulations. If not, come on in and say it to another big black cat. This four year old’s favorite toy thus far is the catnip stuffed owl. You’ll find him kicking it around, tossing it up in the air, and sometimes getting so focused on it that he gets distracted and rolls right into a wall or table!

Meet Julius at The Cat Cafe


Do you like orange tabbies? Well, we’ve got one for you. Julius is a friendly two year old who has the stereotypical orange tabby personality. He’s friendly and inquisitive, and he might just hop up on your lap if you give him a chance!

You might be thinking, wow, that’s a lot of boy cats. What about some girls? Well, we’ve got a couple, and they look a lot alike! You’ll have to look closely to tell the difference between Renee and Tessy.

Meet Renee at The Cat Cafe


Renee is a year younger, at two years old, and she’s a little bigger. She weighs 9.4 pounds and she’s a friendly girl. She has a cute little meow chirp, which she shows off when she gets to know you. And with her inquisitive nature, that won’t take long. She’s been wandering through the playpen here at The Cat Cafe when it’s quiet. When she feels more comfortable, you’ll see her out much more.

Meet Tessy at The Cat Cafe


Then there’s Tessy. Tessy is a smart one. This three year old girl managed to squeeze her 9.3 pound frame out of the carrier on the way to The Cat Cafe. She is still a little shy and she isn’t quite ready to come out into the cat playpen for long. But she’s a friendly and sweet cat when she learns to trust you.

Come on in to meet these new arrivals or to see some of your favorite cats! And don’t forget, if you don’t want to risk waiting during our peak hours on the weekend, book a reserved admission for your visit to The Cat Cafe!

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