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Four New Cats Join The Cat Cafe Clowder

We had a lot of adoptions last week. First Nixon and Onyx went home. Then it was time for Doobie to make that trip. And on one day, we had two adoptions, with Moxie and Tiny heading home from The Cat Cafe.

We of course are sad to see these guys go, but it means we had the chance to welcome a bunch of new cats. Four cats have joined The Cat Cafe clowder and we’ll introduce you to them.

We’ve done well with sending bonded pairs home at The Cat Cafe and that’s why we’re glad we got another one in. Say hello to Tiger and Smokey.

Meet Tiger at The Cat Cafe


Tiger is eight years old, and he’s a big boy, weighing in at 14 pounds. That’s a little heavier than we like, so whoever takes him home is going to have to work on helping him drop a little weight. He’s a friendly and curious cat and it took almost no time before he started roaming through the playpen.

Meet Smokey at The Cat Cafe


Smokey is a year younger and a little smaller than his brother. He also is carrying a little more weight than he should at 12 pounds. He’s very friendly, but he’s a little more shy. You may see only glimpses of him, but we’re hopeful that having his brother around will help bring him out of his shell.

Meet Boogie at The Cat Cafe


Boogie came to us because her person got sick and could no longer care for her properly. She’s an 11 year old, 13 pound girl who is very playful and inquisitive. When you see this girl running around the playpen, you’ll quickly learn that despite being older, she’s got plenty of energy.

Meet Twin at The Cat Cafe


And then there is Twin. When she arrived, she immediately became the youngest cat here, at a little over a year. Sadly, Twin arrived at The Cat Cafe because the roommates of her person decided that they no longer wanted at cat. While we’re sad about that, we’re very happy to have her here because she’s a fun and lovable cat who enjoys attention.

In addition to these new arrivals, we’ve got six other cats who complete The Cat Cafe clowder. Come on in and say hello to them!

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