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Getting Close!

If you’ve been following us on social media lately, you know that we’re getting close. The Cat Cafe passed the first inspection, for the plumbing. How much does it cost to install a commercial grade sink and faucet? Don’t ask.

One of the downsides of an old building is that you have no clue what is inside the walls until you open them up to do your work. When the plumber you hire to do the work takes a look and his jaw drops, and he has to call in a far more experienced plumber to tell him what to do, you know it’s going to be bad.

The Cat Cafe's ADA Compliant Commercial Sink

The Cat Cafe’s ADA Compliant Commercial Sink

And it was. He was here working very hard for pretty much a full day. But in the end, we got our ADA compliant, commercial grade bathroom sink and it passed inspection.

We also got the coffee cart installed, and we’ll have that inspected tomorrow. Right now, we’re still doing a lot of drywall work, so I’m only going to give you a little teaser because I don’t want drywall dust all over it.

The Cat Cafe's Coffee Cart is Still Under Wraps

The Cat Cafe’s Coffee Cart is Still Under Wraps

Then on Tuesday, we get the glass put in, and one of the three doors. The remaining doors come on Friday, and then we will have the build out completed. There will be an inspection after that’s done.

I know you have two questions. How long will this take, and how long until the cats come in?

Well, once the doors are installed, then I’ll be able to put in the cats. That’s looking like Friday or Saturday, because I want all construction to be completed before they come in. Cats, an unfamiliar environment, and construction noise at the same time? Bad combination, and something I don’t want at The Cat Cafe.

Then it will be time for the final inspection and we can open our doors. I am looking at whether I am allowed to open the doors for business pending the final inspection to move things along a little. We’ll see.

The Cat Cafe's First Resident Cat

The Cat Cafe’s First Resident Cat

But The Cat Cafe does have one resident cat right now. He’ll be joined by eight cats from the San Diego Humane Society. I’m going for special needs cats so that I can highlight how these guys can be wonderful and loving animals.

Soon, San Diegans and visitors will be able to enjoy a locally roasted cup of coffee and the company of adoptable cats at The Cat Cafe.

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