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Gypsy is the Newest Member of The Cat Cafe Clowder

Since we last updated you on what’s happening at The Cat Cafe, we’ve had quite a few cats come in. We didn’t get a chance to introduce them to you properly. The reason? They got adopted before we had a chance to tell you about them!

Since we last posted, Gabriel, who we introduced you to, got adopted. We had two kittens, Marley and Ozzie, who were only with us for a couple of days. Roberta, a two year old calico, only stayed with us for a couple of days before she going home.

Roberta’s adoption was an interesting one. Her adopter was in San Diego for a convention. They visited The Cat Cafe, and fell in love with Roberta. After purchasing a carrier from a local pet store, they adopted Roberta right before getting on their plane to head home..

Roberta is the second cat we’ve sent to the Bay Area. Look out Cat Town and Kittea! We’re sending SoCal cats to take over!

We don’t know if the latest addition to the clowder at The Cat Cafe will have as long of a journey to get home. But we’re sure she’s going to go to a good home.

Meet Gypsy at The Cat Cafe


Say hello to Gypsy, who has a very fitting name. A kind person took Gypsy, who was a stray, to the San Diego County Department of Animal Services. She came in with a bad upper respiratory infection, which needed treatment. She was transferred to San Diego Humane Society in order to make this easier for her.

It took a while, but Gypsy fought off the infection. After that Gypsy made the trip to The Cat Cafe. Gray Baby, who seems to have settled into a role as greeter of the new cats, went right up to her to try to play.

Gypsy wasn’t quite ready for that. She told Gray Baby to back off, which he did. But he’s persistent and keeps on trying to play with her. She’s slowly warming up to this.

With people, Gypsy is a little skittish, but she’s very friendly. She will approach people and ask for interaction. Like any cat, Gypsy has her limits. When she reaches them, she’ll let you know. Not in a mean way. Gypsy will just walk away.

We haven’t seen too much of Gypsy in the playpen at The Cat Cafe yet, but it’s only been a few days. She’ll be out in the playpen soon.

Come on by and meet Gypsy and the rest of the cats in The Cat Cafe clowder!

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