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Introducing Tortie Tuesdays At The Cat Cafe

Tortitude. Tortoiseshell cats have it, and we’ve had a few that put it on full display. Right now we have one tortie, and we’ve adopted a couple of them out. And they all have their own versions of tortitude.



Remember Blossom? This sweet girl wasn’t the most active girl, but she was definitely a friendly one. And she loved to show her affection to people in a very unusual way. She loved to lick people.

Shyla Was Adopted From The Cat Cafe


Then there was Shyla. She definitely put the full tortitude on display. Her little trick was to hop into the middle of a group of cats and growl at all of them to assert her authority. At first the rest of the cats wondered what they did to deserve the hostile response. But after a while, they were like, whatever, Shyla.

Meet Suzy At The Cat Cafe


And now we have Suzy. She’s kind of in between Shyla and Blossom. She’s fine with other cats, but when they annoy her, the tortitude comes out.

In honor of these, and all the other torties out there, we’re introducing Tortie Tuesdays at The Cat Cafe. Torties are brown and orange. The flavors that match their colors are chocolate and caramel. On Tuesdays, you’ll be able to add those flavors to any of your drinks at no cost, starting on March 31.

There will also be a change in hours at The Cat Cafe. Beginning on April 1, we’ll be opening an hour later, at 8 AM. We just weren’t seeing enough people coming in between 7 and 8 for it to make sense for us to open at 7.

We want to thank everyone who’s visited The Cat Cafe and we look forward to seeing you in here for the next Tortie Tuesday! Maybe you’ll take home an adoptable tortie to match your drink when you visit us.

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