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Jobs At The Cat Cafe

Evening Cats on Mats

It’s great to see that so many of you are so enthusiastic about The Cat Cafe that you want to work here. I really appreciate the interest.

Since I have been getting a lot of inquiries about employment, I wanted to let everyone know what is going on with that.

The Cat Cafe Isn't Taking Job Applications Yet

The Cat Cafe Isn’t Ready For This

The short answer is to hold off, because I’m not at a point where I can begin that process.

Right now, hiring you would be wrong because then I would tell you, great, you’re hired, now wait a month for me to get things set up.

One of the things I am fully committed to is running The Cat Cafe in an ethical way. That means being upfront and honest with all of the people working for me. I will expect all employees of The Cat Cafe to be ethical and professional, and customers and employees should expect no less from me.

Telling people they have a job but then telling them they have to wait for months before they can start working is not something I consider ethical. And because of that, I will wait until we get closer to being able to open before I start thinking about discussing employment with anyone.

The Cat Cafe will need employees like thisI want you all to know that I do appreciate your enthusiasm and interest. That is something that is a positive for both you and the business. I know that if you show this kind of attitude when it comes to applying for a position, you’ll bring that with you when you are hired and start working.

And that is one of the keys to making the business a success which is what we all want.

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