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The Latest Cats to Join The Cat Cafe Clowder

We had a bunch of new arrivals at The Cat Cafe over the past few days, and we wanted to introduce them to you. We’ve got a lot of black cats in, and sometimes it’s a little hard to tell the various house panthers apart. But we think you will find that when you interact with these guys, you’ll really enjoy yourself.

Meet Rambo at The Cat Cafe


Rambo is one of those black cats who joined us at The Cat Cafe. He’s an inquisitive and engaging guy when he’s in the mood. You can find Rambo wandering around the playpen, often chasing wand toys around. And when he has had enough playing, he’s still open and receptive to being pet.

Meet Willow at The Cat Cafe


Moving on to the bonded pairs, we first have a bonded pair of sisters, Willow and Higgins. You may remember that we had a Willow who was a tortie, complete with tortitude. Well, it’s kind of fitting that the second Willow we’ve had in here has a little tortie coloration, although it’s not as pronounced. She enjoys interacting with people once she gets to know them, and if not, she’ll hop up into a place where she can get away.

Meet Higgins at The Cat Cafe


Her sister Higgins is a longhair and she’s a little more shy. Higgins can be found in the corner, hanging out, most of the day. She will from time to time come out to interact with people, but don’t be upset if she heads back to her safe spot after a few minutes.

The second bonded pair we have here at The Cat Cafe are two brothers, Sebastian and Nicholas. And you can see how bonded they are right away, because they cling to each other and snuggle together. They’re both a little shy as well.

Meet Nicholas at The Cat Cafe


Nicholas is a little more outgoing than Sebastian, and he’s the first one of the two who will interact with you. He’ll solicit pets by rolling over and if you don’t pay attention, he’ll give you a little meow to make sure you do.

Meet Sebastian at The Cat Cafe


Sebastian is more reserved. You’ll have to work to earn his trust, but when he does give it to you, this long haired house panther will flop right at your feet and demand attention.

Come on in and join us here at The Cat Cafe so you can meet these new arrivals and hang out with your old favorites.

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