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Lots of Comings and Goings At The Cat Cafe

It’s been a busy time for adoptions and new arrivals at The Cat Cafe, which is why we haven’t posted a lot recently. It seems like the lineup of cats is constantly changing.

We sent a few customer favorites to new homes recently. Pocahontas, Simba, Nightshade, and Boyd all went to good homes recently. And a couple of cats who hadn’t been around as long, Disney and Levi, also went to good homes.

There are currently ten cats available for adoption at The Cat Cafe, and that number may change quickly because there are people interested in quite a few of them. If one of these cats catches your eye, make sure you call us to see if they are still around.

Meet Earl at The Cat Cafe


Earl is a two year old cat who weighs around eleven pounds. He’s a little shy, but once he gets to know you he loves to solicit attention. And he has a very cute meow, which is something we have gotten to hear quite a bit when we’re working after hours.

Meet Kirby at The Cat Cafe


On the other side of personality is Kirby. This guy loves people. After five years living in a good home, this 13 pound boy had to be surrendered because the person who was caring for him was going into hospice care. He’s friendly and playful, and loves getting pet.

Meet Rocky at The Cat Cafe


Rocky is two, and he’s a little skittish. You’ll see Rocky quietly enjoying himself, and then when something startles him, he will propel his 13 pound body across the room very quickly to get to his safe spot. But if he’s familiar with you, he loves to give head bonks.

Meet Theodore at The Cat Cafe


Finally, there’s Theodore. He’s an inquisitive cat, who may be a little too inquisitive for his own good. He’s four years old and eight pounds, and he loves to play. Sometimes, he wants to play when the other cats don’t want to, so he has received a few swats to tell him to back off. Don’t let that scare you away. He’s become a fixture in the cat playpen at The Cat Cafe and he’ll be happy to welcome you in.

Come on by and visit these kitties at The Cat Cafe and enjoy your Tortie Tuesday!

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