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Mac And Cheese Our Latest Adoptions

Our busiest days so far have been weekend days. That shouldn’t really come as a surprise. So when a group of people came in after heading to the Gaines Street campus of the San Diego Humane Society and learning that we had a bonded pair, Mac and Cheese, it was a little hectic.

Making things more complicated were that Mac and Cheese had arrived just a couple of days ago and they hadn’t started wandering through the cat playpen yet. Instead, they preferred to spend their time in the cat retreat.

At The Cat Cafe, one of our main goals is to get homes for adoptable cats, and since the group of people who wanted to take Mac and Cheese home were patient, we managed to make it work. They were let into the cat retreat after a brief wait. And they got to spend a good amount of time with the bonded pair that they’d end up taking home.

After about ten or fifteen minutes, they said they wanted to adopt the pair. Since it was a group, we needed to pick one person to do the paperwork. Once that person was selected, it didn’t take long before we were sending Mac and Cheese to their new home.

Mac and Cheese Leave The Cat Cafe for Their New Home

Mac and Cheese Leave The Cat Cafe for Their New Home

Mac and Cheese left here to cheers from the people who were waiting in line to get into the playpen. And it’s only fitting that they did, because it’s often hard to find someone to take home a pair of cats. I’m really happy that we’ve been able to get two pairs of cats, Mac and Cheese as well as Wexler and Larson, placed into the same home.

We’ve got people interested in a number of the cats who are here at The Cat Cafe. If you’ve got your eye on one of them, please set up an appointment so that you can go home with the cat that you love.

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