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May 13 Update for The Cat Cafe

Hey, everyone.  It’s been a while since we updated you but we’ve got a number of things going on.  First, the crowd funding campaign for The Cat Cafe got a big surprise when someone offered to match contributions dollar for dollar up to $5,000.

Can you Send some of these to The Cat Cafe?I’ve often said that this is like a public broadcasting fundraising campaign, and now it’s even more like one.  You hear them talk about how there’s a dollar for dollar match, and The Cat Cafe is no different.

Please become a contributor and your donation is doubled.  Think about all the good you can do and how you can help save cats with your contribution.

No amount is too small, so please visit The Cat Cafe’s Indiegogo campaign and contribute.

Second, we got that piece of paper from the State of California.  As much as I’d like to just run the business under my own name, that’s just not a possibility these days.  There are too many risks associated with opening a business, and that’s why people opening them need to form a limited liability corporation or incorporate.

I chose to go with the LLC route, and I sent the paperwork in to the State of California about a week ago.  They’ve entered my LLC into their database, and I’m waiting for the document that makes everything official.

That piece of paper with the State of California is what allowed me to take the next step, which is to get the lease paperwork done.  Without the LLC, there would have been too much at risk.  All the paperwork for this business needs to be done through the LLC.

And so I’ve asked the owner of the property that I’ll be leasing to put together a two year lease, with an option to extend the lease for another five years.

Exciting things are happening for The Cat Cafe, but it all comes back to getting the funding.  Please become a contributor today!

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