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May 14 Update for The Cat Cafe

A big challenge for any business that’s looking to open is getting publicity.  That’s why we were so happy to have been highlighted by NBC San Diego, Eater, and Zagat.

And we just got a little more.

The pop up cat cafe in New York that was sponsored by Purina had waits of hours for people to get in to play with the cats in there.  As much as I want The Cat Cafe to be a successful venture, I hope that the only time there is a long wait like that is when Comic-Con is in town.

Very Happy The Cat Cafe Was Featured in Eatocracy

Well, the incredible response to the pop up cat cafe prompted CNN’s Eatocracy to take a look at the cat cafes that are working to open this year in the United States.  Eatocracy’s writer is a cat lover herself, with “two cats that [she’s] fiercely in love with.”

She highlighted the challenges that all cat cafes in the United States are dealing with — most importantly, the ban that health departments have on allowing animals in areas where food is served.  Did you know that having your dog on the patio at a restaurant is a violation of California law?

The author notes that none of the cat cafes in the United States are open yet.  She says that we’re all in various stages of pre-opening.  If you want a look at the real thing, she says, take a look at Tokyo, where there are dozens of cat cafes.

You can take a look at her post, which she titled “these cafes are cool for cats.

It’s always nice to get some publicity, and it’s nice to be talked about in the same article as the people who got me started down this path — Courtney Hatt and David Braginsky of KitTea.

Thanks as always for visiting!

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