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Meet Anastasia and Louise

A couple of new cats have joined the clowder here at The Cat Cafe. With these two additions, we now have 13 cats, which is more than we typically have. But we’re sure that some of the kitties here will be the next adoption, so we’re not too worried about it.

Meet Anastasia at The Cat Cafe


Anastasia is the first new arrival to the clowder that we’ll introduce you to. We typically don’t get exotic breeds in. But Anastasia is a Himalayan mix. She’s very friendly with people, and she’s very vocal. Anastasia isn’t too sure about other cats, though. She tends to hiss and growl if she’s approached by another cat, so she would probably be best as an only cat.

If you’re looking for a cat who loves to be pet and who likes attention from her people, she’s your girl. This seven year old loves to talk, so you’ll never have to wonder where she is.

Meet Louise at The Cat Cafe


The other cat who joined the clowder at The Cat Cafe is Louise. She’s a six year old calico with a very sad story. Sadly, Louise’s person lost her housing and had to give her up. Her person did the right thing and gave Louise up, but both human and feline were sad about this.

Louise is a big girl, weighing 20 pounds. This six year old girl needs to go to a home where she’ll get the help she needs in losing weight. Obese cats are subject to the same diseases as obese people and we don’t want her to suffer from that.

We’d love for you to come meet these two new arrivals at The Cat Cafe and say hello to some of the cats who have been here for a while. There may be a longer than normal wait because of the All Star Game festivities this weekend. We appreciate your patience and will work to get you interacting with the cats as quickly as we can.

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