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Meet The Cat Cafe’s Fab Five: Butterball

You’ve met two of The Cat Cafe’s Fab Five, Wexler and Giselle so far. Today, I want you to meet a truly sweet cat, Butterball.

Butterball is a relatively young guy who’s been through a lot. Before he was surrendered, he lived in a home with lots of fur siblings. The two legged residents of the house just didn’t have the time to take care of him, nor the space to keep him.

He was also living with a couple of big, rambunctious dogs. While he tolerated them, when he wanted to get away from them, he would go to a high spot where they couldn’t get to him.

Maybe the Sweetest Member of The Cat Cafe's Fab Five

Maybe the Sweetest Member of The Cat Cafe’s Fab Five

Because of this, Butterball is a little shy. But once you get past that initial shyness, does his personality — or should I say purrsonality — ever shine. One of Butterball’s favorite spots in The Cat Cafe is in a crate that is in the cat playpen. He likes to climb up to the top shelf there, where there’s a cushion. And once he gets there and feels comfortable, he’s very happy.

I’ve had cats for a long time, but I’ve never seen a cat who makes air biscuits when you’re looking at him. That’s exactly what Butterball does when he gets comfortable. He’s very loving and affectionate, and does he ever have a purr motor.

Meet Butterball At The Cat Cafe

Meet Butterball At The Cat Cafe

Customers at The Cat Cafe all rave about Butterball. This sweet orange and white tabby is doing well with all of the other cats. I’m confident he’d fit right in with other cats. Dogs, on the other hand, would probably not be a good fit for him.

If I were to pick who was going to get adopted from The Cat Cafe first, I’d say it’s either going to be Butterball or Wexler. Come on in and see which one you think will be the first to go home with someone!

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