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Meet the Cat Cafe’s Fab Five: Giselle

I previously introduced you to Wexler. Now I want to introduce you to another member of The Cat Cafe’s Fab Five, Giselle.

Her name’s very fitting. When you hear the name Giselle, many of you think of Mrs. Tom Brady, former Victoria’s Secret supermodel Giselle Bundchen. And when you see Giselle at The Cat Cafe, you can’t help but think of a supermodel.

Giselle at The Cat Cafe

Giselle exploring The Cat Cafe

She’s sleek, slender, and stunning. This pretty girl was a little reserved at first, but once she got used to The Cat Cafe’s cat playpen, she went looking for the spotlight.

And just like a supermodel, when it’s time to sleep, she pulls the equivalent of eye shades over her. Giselle decided to take a nap a few times today. She went into one of the holes in the cat trees, but in an adorable twist, she pulled the bed over her.

Giselle is starting to settle in, and it’s a lot of fun watching her explore her new space. It’s clear she’s going to enjoy it.

She was surrendered by her previous owner because there were dogs in the house who didn’t like her. Giselle’s owner decided that it would be better to give her a chance to get a home where this wasn’t an issue.

Meet Giselle at The Cat Cafe

Meet Giselle at The Cat Cafe

She’s not as outgoing as Wexler, and it takes a while for Giselle to warm up to you. But once she does, you’ll find she’s a very friendly and loving cat. Because of her more reserved personality, she’s not recommended for a home with young children.

If you’d like to meet The Cat Cafe’s feline supermodel, come on by and say hello to Giselle. It will take a while for her to warm up to you. But once she does, you’ll be very happy you met her.

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