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Meet The Cat Cafe’s Fab Five: Larson

You’ve met the other four members of The Cat Cafe’s Fab Five: Wexler, Giselle, Butterball, and Janis. Now it’s time to meet the most mellow member of the Fab Five, Larson.

Meet Larson at The Cat Cafe

Meet Larson at The Cat Cafe

You may notice that there’s a resemblance between Wexler and Larson. That’s because they are brothers. They are not tightly bonded and can be adopted separately, but you can definitely tell that they like each other.

As with Wexler, Larson was transferred to the San Diego Humane Society from the Department of Animal Services. He’s not as big as his brother, and he’s a year younger. But he has the same curious nature as his bigger brother. It took a little longer for his playful side to show, but once it arrived, it was on full display.

Larson’s a mellow, happy go lucky cat. He’s an engaging guy, and once he gets to know you, this side of him shows up. In the few days that he’s been here, Larson has definitely demonstrated that he’s carefree, adaptive, and cheerful.

Nowhere does this show up more than when he’s playing with his big brother Wexler. The two of them love to play fight and wrestle. There’s a little bit of sibling rivalry going on with these two, as Larson tries to show his brother that he’s just as capable of doing cat things as Wexler is.

These two turn the carpet in cat playpen at The Cat Cafe into their own personal wrestling mat, and both two legged and four legged creatures enjoy the show. It’s as entertaining as any WWE match, and nobody gets hurt.

If you’d like to come on by to see a feline wrestling match between Larson and his brother, or if you’d like to meet the rest of The Cat Cafe’s Fab Five, please stop in between 7 AM and 3 PM.


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