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Meet The Cat Cafe’s Newest Kitties

One of the things I’ve heard from people is that they wish more cats were out. Well, thanks to the efforts of San Diego Humane Society, we were able to address this. We received the latest additions to the clowder here at The Cat Cafe, and they’re an interesting and diverse bunch.

We’ve had such great success at getting cats adopted, we’re now able to open our doors to more cats from other shelters as well! San Diego Humane Society has been working with other overcrowded animal rescue organizations in finding adoptable cats for us. Every cat that someone adopts here doesn’t just change the life of the adopted cat and the person doing the adoption. It means we are able to save other cats who may come from places where they don’t have much time. It also frees up space in shelters so they are able to help even more cats in immediate need of care.

That should make all of The Cat Cafe’s supporters — and you’re a supporter even if you don’t adopt — feel very good. You are literally saving lives.

As for the six new arrivals, here they are:

  • Axel is a three year old, recently neutered guy who weighs 10 pounds. This ginger tabby took a while to get comfortable hanging out in the cat playpen, but now, he’s the stereotypical orange tabby. He’s friendly, talkative, and playful. 2015-02-01 09.40.49
  • Baby May is a little older, at seven years, and she’s 14 pounds. This pretty calico is a snowshoe mix. She takes a while to warm up to you, but when she does, she’s not shy about showing affection.
  • Blossom is a three year old, eight pound tortie. She’s calm and friendly, and she’s got an interesting habit. She loves to show affection by licking you. I think she’s got a little dog in her, because not only does she love licking you, but her tongue is like a dog’s
  • Eevee is two years old, and she’s a slim cat, weighing nine pounds. This girl is a little shy and cautious but she’s more than happy to play with people who she is comfortable with.
  • 2015-01-31 17.21.17Garrett is also three, and like his fellow orange tabby Axel, he was recently neutered. But he’s friendly and playful and loves to interact with new people.
  • Tessa is our resident house panther. She’s six years old and weighs 14 pounds. But remember, because she’s a black cat, she goes with anything and is slimming.

Come on in and get to know The Cat Cafe’s latest arrivals. And if you fall in love and take one home, you’ll help us and our partner save more lives.

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