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Meet Gabriel At The Cat Cafe

We’ve had a busy July at The Cat Cafe. We had the All Star Game red carpet parade pass right by us. The summer was also in full swing and that meant lots of visitors. And then of course there was the biggest event in San Diego, Comic-Con.

All of this activity meant that we didn’t adopt out as many cats as we typically do. During July, we sent three cats to their forever homes. We’ve had some days where we’ve adopted more cats out here at The Cat Cafe.

We don’t mind, though, because the goal is to make sure we highlight the cats here to as many people as possible. And we’ve got some challenging cats to place. Many people aren’t interested in adopting either of the senior bonded pairs we have. And we have a few cats who are particular about who they like and aren’t afraid to show it.

Meet Gabriel at The Cat Cafe


We’re happy that we added another member to the clowder at The Cat Cafe. Gabriel is going to fit right in with the current residents here and has already started to make himself at home.

In addition to being the newest member of the clowder, Gabriel is the youngest. He’s a year old. Gabriel had been adopted previously from San Diego Humane Society. However, because of an allergy a child developed, he was returned.

This active, 15 pound boy likes to interact with people, including respectful children, other cats, and cat friendly dogs. He’s already started running around the playpen. You can also see Gabriel chasing string toys and walking right up to people to introduce himself to them.

We don’t think a cat like this is likely to remain here for long. If you’re interested in meeting him, visit us soon. Gabriel and the other members of the clowder at The Cat Cafe will be glad you did.

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