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Meet Kate and Remember to Book for Comic-Con

It’s always fun for us to have new cats arrive at The Cat Cafe. That’s for two reasons. First, it means that one of our adoptable cats went home. And, it’s always fun to have a new cat here to interact with.

It’s especially fun when we send a cat home who’s a character like Anastasia, and when the cat that comes in to take their place in the clowder at The Cat Cafe is a fun one. You can definitely say that Kate is a fun cat.

Meet Kate at The Cat Cafe


Kate arrived at San Diego Humane Society as an underweight a pregnant cat. The veterinarians there treated her and helped her gain weight during her pregnancy. Once she gave birth to her kittens, she proved herself to be a great mother. But now, it’s time for Kate to find a home of her own, and that’s why she came to The Cat Cafe.

Kate is very friendly and outgoing, and enjoys interacting with both people and other cats. She’s had to be told by some of the cats who were here before her at The Cat Cafe to take it a little slower. But besides that issue, she’s integrating into the clowder here just fine.

We’re sure she’ll do well in a home as an only cat, or as part of a mini-clowder.

Kate may be gone by the time Comic-Con rolls around in about a week. We wanted to remind you that during Comic-Con, we do things differently. We can’t allow people to make a purchase and head in to interact with the cats. Instead, we require reservations.

As you can imagine, with 130,000 additional visitors in downtown San Diego, we need to institute special procedures to handle it. We hope our regulars understand we’re changing policies during Comic-Con to avoid chaos.

Book your spot today to visit The Cat Cafe during Comic-Con. We will likely sell out during some popular times, so avoid disappointment and book now.

book your spot

Thanks as always for your support of The Cat Cafe and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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