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Meet The Three Latest Clowder Members

We had three cats recently join us here at The Cat Cafe, and we’ll introduce you to them soon. Before we do that, we want to make sure that we give you more details on our plans to put in a sidewalk cafe.

For most of our first year, we were able to get by with just the seating that we provided right next to the building. Those six seats were sufficient for not just those who wanted to sit outside while their friends enjoyed the cats, but to handle most of the overflow when we reached capacity. However, as the number of people visiting us has grown, those seats are no longer sufficient. And that’s why we’re adding a sidewalk seating area here at The Cat Cafe.

Please Help The Cat Cafe Build a Sidewalk Cafe

Please Help The Cat Cafe Build a Sidewalk Cafe

We are like most small businesses. Capital expenses like this put a big strain on our cash flow. But it’s something we know we need at The Cat Cafe, and so it’s something we want to move forward with. And that is why we are asking for your help. We’ve set up a campaign so that our supporters can help with this. Please contribute what you can. Any amount helps, and if you can’t contribute please share our campaign.

When this campaign succeeds and the construction is complete, we’re going to have a nice, attractive area for you. You’ll be able to enjoy the San Diego weather before heading in to play with the cats.

Now on to the cats. We had three new arrivals to The Cat Cafe over the past few days. Say hello to Avatar, Lily, and Marshall.

Meet Avatar at The Cat Cafe


Avatar is a small kitty, and that’s why people are so surprised when we tell them that she gave birth to a litter of kittens. But yes, this 7.4 pound girl, who is about a year and two months old, did just that. After she raised her kittens to the point where they could be adopted, she was brought to The Cat Cafe to find a home of her own. She’s a friendly girl and you’ll likely see her wandering on by you to say hi.

Meet Lily at The Cat Cafe


Lily was adopted with her brother Marshall from San Diego Humane Society about four years ago. Unfortunately for her, her people moved to a place where cats are not permitted. That meant she made the trip back to San Diego Humane Society, and then made the short trip to The Cat Cafe. She’s the smaller of the two siblings, weighing 12 pounds. And this four year old has a very unique and endearing trait. She’s got a heart on her nose.

Meet Marshall at The Cat Cafe


Marshall is a lot bigger than his sister, tipping the scales at 22 pounds. He’s going to have to go to a home where he gets the help he needs to lose some weight. We know that fat cats are cute, but they’re also prone to the same diseases that obese people are.

Please support us in building the sidewalk cafe and come in to say hello to the three newest members of the clowder here at The Cat Cafe!

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