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Merry Christmas (Or Catmas) From The Cat Cafe

Everyone here at The Cat Cafe, both human and feline, want to wish our customers and supporters a very Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas From The Cat Cafe

Merry Christmas From The Cat Cafe

For four cats, they got the best Christmas present ever. Some of these cats were long term residents at The Cat Cafe, and some of them arrived fairly recently. But all of them got the Christmas present they wanted — a forever home!

Kookiez was Adopted From The Cat Cafe


Kookiez was the cat who had been here the longest. She arrived back in early October. She and Cleopatra, another long time resident calico, became friends. They would chase each other around, and play fight. It was very fun to watch Kookiez basically tackle Cleopatra to start the play fighting session. Once Cleopatra was adopted, Kookiez seemed to miss her friend.

Now, she doesn’t have to worry about that. She’s going to go to a home where she’ll get lots of attention, because one of the residents works from a home office.

Willow Was Adopted From The Cat Cafe


And she’ll have another alumni from The Cat Cafe with her. She’s going to be joined by Willow, who arrived in mid-November. This tortie was given up by her foster because she deserved to get more attention than the foster could provide. And now she’ll get it from both Kookiez and one of her adopters.

Halo Was Adopted From The Cat Cafe


Halo didn’t spend as much time as the other cats who were adopted at The Cat Cafe, having only joined us a few weeks ago. He was adopted by a couple who pointed out to us that his left rear leg didn’t have any toes. It only made him more adorable. The lack of toes didn’t slow him down, and that, along with his playful but shy personality is what made his adopter decide to give him the best Christmas present a cat could ever want — a forever home.

Zelda Was Adopted at The Cat Cafe


And on Christmas day, someone came in to give Zelda her Christmas present. The Cat Cafe is closed on Christmas, but since we needed to be here to feed the cats and clean their litter boxes, we were happy to allow a service member to take a cat home on Christmas. They’ll be deployed soon, and they wanted to give their family something to help them get through that deployment. And they wanted to surprise their family, who had been wanting a cat, on Christmas.

We’re so happy that Kookiez, Willow, Halo, and Zelda were able to get the best Christmas present for a cat ever — a forever home. And we’re happy that The Cat Cafe was able to be a part of this.

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