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More Arrivals For the Weekend

With our recent adoptions, we were down to five cats. And with the weekend coming up and the pace of our adoptions, I was worried that we would face a situation where The Cat Cafe had no kitties.

That’s not something we have to worry about with our new arrivals. These cats are an interesting group, and they’ll be a lot of fun to interact with. They arrived a couple of days ago and some of them already are strutting around the playpen like they’ve been here forever.

Here’s the new group:

  • Shyla is a petite tortie, and she’s definitely got “tortitude.” She’s a playful girl, but she’s a little feisty around other cats. She came from a bad situation where she got infested with fleas. The vets at San Diego Humane Society have treated her and she’s ready for her home but she will need flea treatments for the rest of her life.
  • BootsBoots is a calm and loving senior cat, and he’s very trusting of new people. You might think a ten year old cat would be slowing down some, but not Boots. On his first day in the playpen, he scampered right up to the top ledge, which is about eight feet off the ground.
  • Kitty is a Himalayan mix, and he just got a lion cut. He takes a while to warm up, possibly because he’s not used to his fur being so short yet, but once he does, that purr motor gets going. We love having exotic mixes here at The Cat Cafe and we’re glad he’s here.Super Gato
  • Super Gato is a very friendly cat. He loves to do belly rolls and will give you constant head bonks once he gets to know you. And he’s got an adorable little heart on his nose. How can you say no to such an interesting guy?

Come on by and meet our new arrivals at The Cat Cafe. With the number of adoptions we have had here, you probably want to get in soon!

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