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New Arrivals and One Departure

We’ve got a bunch of new kitties in at The Cat Cafe, just in time for the weekend. You’re going to like these guys. And it’s not as easy as It thought to find the right cats to bring in. I went kitty shopping at San Diego Humane Society to get these cats, and it took a lot more work than I thought it would. I found a bunch of cats that looked good initially, but who I decided would not do well in our environment.

That means that the cats who made the trip down the 5 to join us at The Cat Cafe are definitely cool cats!

I’m sure you want to know more, and I’ll give you a quick intro to them:

  • Tigger is a four year old orange and white tabby with an amazing swirl pattern and a tail that you could possibly train him to use as a feather duster.  He’s come a long way from a stray cat who was cold, scared, and hungry.
  • Our second cat named Lani is a brown tabby who is eight years old. But when you get her playing with her favorite toy, she’s like an eight month old kitten!
  • Meet Kona At The Cat CafeWe just can’t seem to stay away from siblings, because Lani’s sister Kona joined us as well. This house panther is a little feisty with other cats, but she loves to play with people. Like her sister, she may be eight years old, but get her going and she’s like an eight month old kitten.
  • You can’t have a cat cafe without an orange tabby, and we’ve got two of them. Pocahontas is one of four cats that came in when their human couldn’t care for them properly. This four year old girl is a little shy but once she warms up, she loves to play.Captain can be adopted at The Cat Cafe
  • Captain is a playful and fun three year old kitty who loves to show of his purr motor. It took him just one day to get out in the playpen and start to solicit attention. It’s like he wanted to join us, because he hopped right into the box when we were thinking about a different cat coming to The Cat Cafe.

In addition to the new arrivals, there’s been a departure from The Cat Cafe. After 90 days at one location, San Diego Humane Society transfers cats to other locations to see if they can be adopted there. Our big adorkable brown tabby Momo hit that time limit.

Momo Imitating Shironeko at The Cat Cafe

Momo Imitating Shironeko at The Cat Cafe

He’s been transferred to the Gaines Street location, and he’s available for adoption there. And you better believe that if he’s still there after 90 days, we will ask to have him brought back.

Come on by and meet our new arrivals!

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