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New Arrivals At The Cat Cafe

I have a confession to make. My plan initially was to introduce everyone to the cats that come in to The Cat Cafe individually. It’s a bit of a challenge to create new updates all the time, and I figured that with so many cats coming in, I could give you all something new to read on a daily basis for a while.

Well, I have learned a lesson. With so many cats leaving after spending just one day at The Cat Cafe, I’ve learned that the idea of spreading out the introduction of them, like I did with the Fab Five, just isn’t going to work.

So instead I will introduce you to all of the new arrivals as a group. And we’ve got quite a few to tell you about.

  • CheeseMac and Cheese: This bonded pair must go together — no exceptions will be made. They’re three years old, and adorable. They are  taking a little time to get used to the space at The Cat Cafe, so they may not be out. But when they are, I’m sure they’ll be gone quick. Mac is the bigger of the two, and she’s the one here.
  • MomoMomo is an easy going guy who was surrendered because a baby came into the home who was allergic to cats. He’s a big guy, weighing around 12 pounds. He’s also a little shy, and take a while to warm up. But once he does, he really enjoys the spotlight.
  • KendraKendra is a five year old brown tabby who is also a little shy at first but who warms up as she gets more familiar with her environment. Since she just arrived at The Cat Cafe today, it’s unlikely you’ll see a lot of her for a while. We’ll give her the time she needs to warm up to everyone. She is best suited for a home without children.
  • Cookie is a one year old black and white girl who is a little more playful and outgoing than some of the others who have come in this newest group. She’s a happy go lucky girl who adapts well to new situations. I’m sure she’ll be running around The Cat Cafe’s playpen in no time.
  • SylviaSylvia’s got an interesting story. She suffered from a degloved tail, and the vets weren’t able to save it so they amputated it. Her fur hasn’t grown back yet from the area where it was shaved, but you can tell that she’s going to adapt to this very well. She’s a playful and fun girl.

Don’t wait too long before you come in to The Cat Cafe to meet our new arrivals. If what’s happened recently is any indication, they won’t be spending too much time with us before they go to their forever home!

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