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New Cats and A New Special

It’s always a fun day at The Cat Cafe when new cats arrive. That means that someone went to a good home. It’s also fun to know that we’re getting new cats that someone will fall in love with and give a home to.

Remy Was Adopted at The Cat Cafe


Sometimes, our new arrivals get adopted so quickly that we can’t even tell you about them. That is what happened with a cat named Remy. She was here for less than four hours before she went home with her new family.

Meet Moose at The Cat Cafe


The cat who came in with her, and who is still here, is named Moose. We’re not sure why he got that name, because he looks more like a cow than a moose, but we don’t really mind. We typically don’t get kittens, but that’s what Moose is. He arrived at San Diego Humane Society because there were too many animals in his home, and he’s taken no time at all making The Cat Cafe his new home.

Once Moose gets comfortable with you, he demands attention with a very cute but insistent meow. So far, nobody has been able to resist it. Will you be the first one to not give in to him?

Some of Our Pastries from Bread & Cie

Some of Our Pastries from Bread & Cie

We are also happy to announce a new special here at The Cat Cafe. We love our pastries from Bread & Cie and we want you to enjoy them. And on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday afternoons, you’ll be able to enjoy them at a lower price.

On these days, after 1 PM, when you purchase one of our pastries, you’ll get a second one at 50 percent off. That means you can have one here, and take one home! Some of our customers have mentioned they’d love to have a pastry at home, and now we’re making it less costly to do so.

As always, we love seeing you here at The Cat Cafe. Come on in, meet our kitties, and take one of our delicious pastries home with you!

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