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A New Look At The Cat Cafe

We’ve had a lot of feedback from customers since we opened our doors in January 2015. One of the most common comments was that our decor could use an upgrade because it was boring. This shouldn’t be a surprise. A practically minded general manager and contractors can be expected to make this decision. It was more practical to leave the existing wall the same color and paint the others to match.

We here at The Cat Cafe listened to comments from customers about the decor and kept track of them. We didn’t really get a chance to implement the changes customers suggested as quickly as we would have liked. But we definitely knew we needed to improve the decor a little. That task was less of a focus than making sure we got the operations of The Cat Cafe up to speed.

The Urban Feline Cat Wall at The Cat Cafe

The Urban Feline Cat Wall

Starting in February 2016, we started to improve the decor. Gone were the practical yet boring shelves that we had in place when we opened. We replaced those with a cat wall created by Urban Feline. We’re happy to say that added a lot of color to the room, and the cats love playing on the wall now.

The Elise McKenna Wall Mural at The Cat Cafe

The Elise McKenna Wall Mural at The Cat Cafe

After that, we worked with Elise McKenna to change the look of the opposite wall. It wouldn’t do any good to have one wall looking colorful and festive while the other wall was plain. And now, we’ve got two colorful and festive walls. Elise has done a great job of painting a cat themed wall for us.

Wall Art at The Cat Cafe by a High Tech High Intern

Wall Art at The Cat Cafe by a High Tech High Intern

Finally, while most of the customers here at The Cat Cafe really don’t care too much about the bathroom, we figured we could make it a little more interesting. While you’re going to be spending most of your time in the playpen, that doesn’t mean the bathroom has to be boring. And that is why we had an intern from High Tech High help us with the wall there.

Please come by and visit us to see these changes. Hopefully you enjoy them as much as we here at The Cat Cafe enjoyed bringing them to you!

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