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New Policy At The Cat Cafe


That’s all I have to say. The number of people who have come out to visit The Cat Cafe over the past few days has been amazing. I want to thank every one of you who made the trip, whether you just walked down the block or drove all the way in from Orange County.

While I’m grateful for the number of people coming, we are going to have to put in place a new policy in order to prevent the cats from getting overwhelmed. You’re coming to The Cat Cafe to enjoy some great coffee and play with some fun cats. If the cats are overwhelmed due to the number of people in the playpen, you can only do the first part.

Clock Watching At The Cat Cafe

Clock Watching At The Cat Cafe

To make sure this doesn’t happen, once the cat playpen has 20 people in it, we will not allow any additional people to enter the playpen. When the playpen is at full capacity, after 15 minutes, we will clear the room. Then we’ll give the cats five minutes to relax without any people in the room. After that we’ll allow another group of 20 people to enter and the cycle will begin again.

I know that while I’ve got some great coffee, it’s my supporting actor. The stars at The Cat Cafe are the cats. And in order to make sure that the stars do not get overwhelmed and end up retreating into their private space, this policy has to go in place.


Will this result in the waits I was seeking to avoid? Yes. And I do apologize for that. But one of the things that is critical to me is to make sure the cats are well taken care of and that they get adopted. That’s not going to happen if they’re overwhelmed from all the attention they’re getting, and that’s why this policy is going in place at The Cat Cafe.

If you have any questions, please email or call. Thank you for all of your support!

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