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Off to a Good Start

It’s been a very busy January here at The Cat Cafe. We’ve had a few events that we wanted to let you know about, and we’ve done a whole lot of adoptions. January 2016 is shaping up to be our best month for adoptions since we opened!

We started the year off with a very special adoption. Bailey Jo, a cat who is completely blind, was the first adoption we completed this year. We were very happy to have had her in here at The Cat Cafe and glad that a couple who has experience with a special needs cat was the one that adopted her.

Bailey Jo was Adopted at The Cat Cafe

Bailey Jo

Bailey Jo didn’t spend too much time with us, but she worked her way into everyone’s heart. Even though she was blind, she was fine with walking around the room, even when it was filled to capacity. And it didn’t take her very long to figure out the cat doors between the playpen and the retreat, which was a concern we had.

Since then, there have been 10 other adoptions and it’s only January 20th. We’re likely to celebrate our one year anniversary by completing the most adoptions of any month here at The Cat Cafe.

Butter during the Cats on Mats Session at The Cat Cafe

Butter during the Cats on Mats Session

We also held our second Cats on Mats session, which is something that we’re going to do on a monthly basis. We are going to continue to limit attendance to 12, because there just isn’t enough room to accommodate any more people.

In addition to the Cats on Mats session that we’ll hold on the second Wednesday of each month, we are looking into holding one on Sunday evenings. That way, we can try to work with people’s schedules so they can make it here to The Cat Cafe to have cats silently judge their yoga poses.

We are also looking into a reservation system for a limited number of spaces during our peak hours. We want people to be able to visit The Cat Cafe without making reservations, but we also want to make sure people with a limited amount of time to spend with us are able to get in to interact with the cats.

Finally, we’re trying to work through a way to have evening hours once or twice a month. One of things we hear from a lot of customers is that they wish we’d open in the evening, and we’re working doing this.

As always, we’d love to hear from you if you have any questions or suggestions. Thank you for making the start to 2016 a great one and we look forward to seeing you again soon!

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