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Recap of the Los Angeles Feline Film Festival

If you’ve been following our updates, you know that we attended the Los Angeles Feline Film Festival. Many other cities have held feline film festivals, and with one coming to Southern California, I decided that The Cat Cafe needed to make an appearance.

It made for a long day. I left early on Sunday morning and drove from San Diego to Los Angeles.  Los Angeles is known for horrible traffic, but on this day, it was smooth sailing.

The Cat Cafe's Booth at the LA Feline Film Festival

The Cat Cafe’s Booth at the LA Feline Film Festival

It didn’t take long to set up the booth for The Cat Cafe. Given that we are a coffee shop and animal adoption facility, it’s not really possible to bring that to the event. So I set up a couple of signs, some postcards, and got ready to do explain the concept to people attending the event.

There were thousands of cat enthusiasts at the event, all happy to hear about how The Cat Cafe will feature locally roasted coffee and how we will have adoptable animals from the San Diego Humane Society available for people to play with if they want to. They loved the message, especially the part about how I want to highlight special needs cats where possible. The goal is to find cats homes, but also to educate people on how special needs cats can be loving companions for the right person.

While I was busy working from before the gates opened at 1 PM until the screening of the films, I still found time to have some fun and to get a picture of one of the celebrity cats in attendance. Tara Hero Cat sure seems to be relaxed and enjoying herself.

Tara Hero Cat

Tara Hero Cat

I also collected more than 100 emails from people who were interested in getting updates on what’s happening, and I gave away hundreds of cards with information about The Cat Cafe.

It’s been a busy week here so far, and I’ll have more updates for you later on what’s happening. We are definitely moving things along!

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