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Reservations Now Available for Peak Hours

One of the things we have tried to do here at The Cat Cafe is to allow customers to be as spontaneous as they like. Want to check out the kitties? Come on in! You may have to wait to see them, but you can enjoy good coffee drinks in the meantime. And then, when there is enough room for you in the playpen, you are greeted by friendly cats.

We’ve talked to a few customers, however, who really wanted to get in to interact with our adoptable cats but who didn’t have the time to wait. These folks were understanding, but disappointed that they could not get in to interact with the animals.

In order to try to make both groups of customers happy, we are rolling out a limited number of reserved spots during our peak hours of 10 to close on the weekend.

Reserved Admissions are Now Available at The Cat Cafe

Reserved Admissions are Now Available at The Cat Cafe

If you want to visit The Cat Cafe and be sure that you will be admitted, you can book a slot at a specific time during these hours. The cost of one of these reserved admissions is $10, and that gets the purchaser a drink or snack item and a guaranteed admission slot for an hour. The only way to book a reservation is to do so on our website. We will not be taking reservations over the phone.

A reserved admission is good for the hour in which it is booked. After that time is up, if the cat playpen is not full, those purchasing a reservation are welcome to stay longer. However, if the playpen is at capacity, we will ask those who purchased a reserved spot to allow others to enter.

There are five admissions available per hour, so there will be plenty of spots available for those who do not book a reservation. You must book reservations one day in advance.

We feel that this is the best way to keep customers of The Cat Cafe who want to visit without planning the trip happy while also handling those who have time constraints.

Thank you for working with us as we look to accommodate both customers that want to book a specific time and those who are more spontaneous.


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