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San Diego an Underrated Coffee City

While the main draw for The Cat Cafe is going to be the cats, obviously, without good coffee to offer to patrons, it’s just not going to work.  That’s why it’s so great to be starting this venture at a time when the coffee scene is about to take off in San Diego.

I realize that people think of many things before coffee comes up when they think of San Diego.  But that doesn’t mean it’s not something that visitors and residents alike can’t enjoy.

Sprudge, which focuses on the coffee scene, recently named San Diego as one of its top five most underrated coffee cities.  You know that your city has arrived when a coffee competition draws people from Seattle.  Can you think of a city with a better reputation when it comes to a good cup of joe?

A competition at a coffee shop

You might think that a county with 430 coffee houses and a population of around three million might be a little over saturated.  But according to the publisher of The Espresso, that’s spreading things a little thin.  And the Small Business Administration concurs, saying that the ideal ratio of coffee shops to residents is one per 10,000 residents.  This means that there could be as many as nearly 6,800 shops in the county before it gets too crowded.

And The Cat Cafe will have one thing that makes it unique among all of the coffee shops in all of San Diego County.

It will be the only one with cats from the San Diego Humane Society who are available for adoption.

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