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Say Hello to A Very Special Cat

One of the things that we want to do here at The Cat Cafe is highlight a wide variety of cats. That includes special needs cats. Given that I have a diabetic cat at home, how could I not want to take the opportunity to show the community that while special needs cats may require a little extra attention and care, they are wonderful and loving cats.

Sylvia at The Cat Cafe


The last special needs cat we had at The Cat Cafe was Sylvia, who had her tail amputated due to trauma inflicted on it which caused it to become degloved. We had a lot of fun with her, and we were sad to say goodbye to her when she went home even though we knew she was going to a great home!

Wilson at The Cat Cafe

Wilson Exploring the Playpen At The Cat Cafe

The latest arrival to The Cat Cafe is a special needs cat named Wilson. Wilson, as you can tell from his picture, is missing an eye. When he came in to San Diego Humane Society, he was not doing well. In addition to being blind in one eye, he was suffering from mange. Mange is typically a disease that’s associated with dogs, but cats can get it, too.

Wilson was treated for the mange, and it’s completely gone now. In addition, the veterinarians from San Diego Humane Society decided that it would be best for the welfare of Wilson if his blind eye was removed.

That was done about a month ago, and now Wilson is getting used to living in The Cat Cafe. We’re really happy to have him in here so that we can highlight how even though special needs cats do require more attention than those without medical conditions, they make wonderful loving companions for people who can give them the care they need.

Come on in and meet Wilson. You may find that this one eyed cat is the perfect one for you.

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