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Say Hello to Three Kitties

We love getting new kitties in at The Cat Cafe. For the most part, we only get new cats in when some have been adopted, and that’s why we enjoy it. We had a few adoptions, and that’s why three new kitties joined us at The Cat Cafe.

You’ve met Pocahontas before. What you might not have known is that she had many siblings named after Disney characters. Her sisters are named Ariel, Jasmine, Lady, Elsa and Belle and her brother is named Gaston. We’ve asked if we could have her siblings join her, and that’s exactly what happened.

Meet Elsa and Belle at The Cat Cafe

Elsa and Belle

Elsa and Belle have joined their sister at The Cat Cafe. Like Pocahontas, they are orange tabbies. That makes for a very unusual group of cats, by the way. Around three out of four orange cats are male. In this clowder, there are six female cats and one male cat.

Belle is a little darker than her sisters and she is a talker. She’s also a bit braver than Elsa and you’ll see her roaming the playpen even though it’s only been a short time since she arrived.

Elsa looks a lot like Pocahontas. The way you can tell them apart, for now, is that Elsa has some fur growing back in. Once that happens, you’ll have to look at their faces. Elsa has more white around her mouth than her sisters.

Meet Kelli at The Cat Cafe


It wouldn’t do us much good at The Cat Cafe to have Tortie Tuesdays without a cat to show off a little tortitude, and that’s why we’re glad that Kelli has joined us. Kelli is a three year old cat who was transferred to San Diego Humane Society because she had kittens.

After caring for her kittens, she’s looking for someone to care for her. She’s definitely got tortitude, and is not shy about telling the other cats to back off if they get too close to her. With people, though, she’s happy and loving once she gets over her initial shyness.

Come and meet the new arrivals at The Cat Cafe. You might fall in love with one and end up taking them home!

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