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Seven Cats Join The Cat Cafe Clowder

It’s been a while since we told you about newly arrived cats. That’s because some of the cats who arrived at The Cat Cafe were adopted within a day or two! But now, some new arrivals have stayed with us long enough for us to tell you about them.

Meet Oreo at The Cat Cafe


Oreo is a big, seven year old boy. Weighing in at 23 pounds, Oreo will need to go to a home where he gets the help he needs to lose weight. But he doesn’t let his size slow him down. He loves interacting with people, even those who he just met. Oreo may even hop into your lap, but be ready for it when it happens!

Meet Chiquilla at The Cat Cafe


Chiquilla arrived at the same time as Oreo. This girl also needs a hand losing a few pounds. She’s ten years old, and weighs 14 pounds. Chiquilla is more shy than Oreo, and she’ll take a while before she trusts you. She’s had the chance to get to know the staff at The Cat Cafe, and she loves interacting with us.

Those of you who have followed us for a while won’t be surprised to learn that a bonded pair of cats arrived at The Cat Cafe. After all, we adopted out Sasha and Ellie, so why not bring in another bonded pair? Say hello to five year old brothers Chevy and Chase.

Meet Chevy at The Cat Cafe


Chevy is the more shy of the two brothers. He’s a solid 14 pounds, and while he’s shy, he’s very friendly. Chevy has found his spot in The Cat Cafe to hang out, and he enjoys people slowly approaching him and petting him. He’ll lean into your hand if you do that.

Meet Chase at The Cat Cafe


You won’t have to worry about how you approach Chase, because he’ll approach you! At 12 pounds, he’s very outgoing, and he will seek out people to interact with. Be ready for this grey and white boy to come right up to you and demand attention.

Meet Ted at The Cat Cafe


Ted is a very active two year old house panther. He loves interacting with people at The Cat Cafe. He’s still a little feisty with other cats who approach him too closely. It’s only been a few days, and we’re sure he’ll calm down. Ted’s very sleek as well, with his 12 pounds giving him a very athletic look.

We wanted to make sure that Chiquilla wasn’t the only girl at The Cat Cafe. That’s why San Diego Humane Society brought in a couple of girls to round out our clowder.

Meet Nell at The Cat Cafe


Nell was a stray who was brought in to Department of Animal Services before being transferred to San Diego Humane Society. This three year old girl is a little on the small side, at eight pounds. She’s shy, but she does accept friendly interaction. You’ll have to give Nell time to get comfortable with you.

Meet Freya at The Cat Cafe


Last, but not least, is Freya. This four year old, eleven pound girl is probably the most shy of all of the cats. We’re sure that she’ll blossom at The Cat Cafe. You may not see much of her, because she’s spending her time in the retreat. In time, she’ll join us in the playpen and you’ll get to see her personality shine!


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